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Hong Kong Travel Requirements (Updated as of June 22, 2022)

Entry requirements to Hong Kong

Hong Kong Travel Requirements photo by Jimmy Chan

Updated Hong Kong Travel Requirements for 2022

Effective June 22, 2022, Hong Kong was raised to Travel Advisory Level 4. Visitors are advised to reconsider traveling to Hong Kong due to COVID-19-related restrictions, including the risk of parents and children being separated, and arbitrary enforcement of local laws. Most travelers of foreign nationality are not allowed to enter Hong Kong. Travelers holding a Visa with a validity of fewer than 14 days will be denied entry.

Hong Kong Travel Requirements photo by Jimmy Chan
Hong Kong Travel Requirements photo by Jimmy Chan

Travelers Allowed to Enter

  1. Chinese Nationals
  2. Fully Vaccinated Hong Kong Residents
  3. Unvaccinated travelers under the age of 12 traveling with Fully Vaccinated Hong Kong Residents
  4. Partially Vaccinated travelers aged 12 to 17 who have received at least one (1) dose of the Pfizer or Comirnaty vaccine a minimum of fourteen (14) days before arrival
  5. All travelers who have been only been in China, Macau, or Taiwan for the past 14 days before travel are allowed to enter Hong Kong

List of Hong Kong Travel Requirements

  1. COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate
    • Effective February 24, 2022, travelers aged 12 and up must complete at least one (1) dose of COVID-19 vaccination.
    • Proof of vaccinations issued by Vanuatu, Namibia, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait Peru, Benin, Jordan, Suriname, and Lesotho shall also be accepted.
    • The following passengers will be allowed to board for Hong Kong:
      • Unfit for vaccination due to health reasons with relevant proof from a medical practitioner or;
      • Received one dose of recognized COVID-19 vaccine with a recognized vaccination record and certified by a medical practitioner that he/she is unfit to receive the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine because of health reasons
  2. Negative RT-PCR Test Result released within forty-eight (48) hours prior to travel
  3. Negative Antigen Test Result released within four to six (4-6) hours prior to travel
  4. Confirmed Designated Quarantine Hotel (DQH) booking for seven (7) days
  5. Registration to Leave Home Safe COVID-19 Exposure Notification mobile application (via
  6. Fill out the Online Health Declaration Form (via
  7. Fill out the PH Bureau of Immigration Declaration Form (via here)

For Transit Travelers

  • Flight bookings in the same air ticket
  • Travelers should be checked-thru at the origin port with their boarding pass printed and baggage tagged-thru to the final destination
  • Layover time during transfer/transit is only within seventy-two (72) hours 

List of Hong Kong Quarantine Requirements

  1. Must undergo Rapid Antigen Tests upon arrival.
  2. Effective March 01, 2022, Foreign Domestic Helpers coming to work in Hong Kong may choose to undertake the compulsory quarantine at either Designated Quarantine Facilities (DQF) or Designated Quarantine Hotels (DQH).
  3. Post-arrival test for all inbound travelers will still be required
    • If the traveler tested positive, he/she will have to extend his/her quarantine for fourteen (14) days. The traveler in quarantine will also have to undergo Rapid Antigen Testing every day in the quarantine hotel, and RT-PCR test on Day 5 and Day 12.
    • The traveler must also undergo the compulsory PCR-based nucleic acid testing by professional swab sampling on Day 12 of arrival in Hong Kong in a Community Testing Centre (CTC) or mobile specimen collection station for free, or at a recognized local medical testing institution (self-paid).

Fully Vaccinated Travelers are considered fully vaccinated if:

  1. Traveler has been administered in accordance with the “List of COVID-19 Vaccines Recognized for Specified Purposes” (via and relevant guidelines of a COVID-19 vaccination course at least 14 days prior to arrival at Hong Kong
  2. Travelers aged between 12-17 have received one (1) dose of Comirnaty vaccine at least fourteen (14) days ago are deemed to have complied with the requirements of completing the COVID-19 vaccination course under boarding and quarantine requirements
  3. For travelers who have recovered from previous COVID-19 infection, they will be required to receive one (1) dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at least fourteen (14) days prior to arrival in Hong Kong in order to be considered fully vaccinated
    • The 14th day after a person has completed a COVID-19 vaccination course is counted by taking the next day after the person received all of the recommended dose(s) of COVID-19 vaccine as the 1st day

For the latest information and resources on Hong Kong’s COVID Health Protocols and Travel Requirements, visitors can go to:


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