Four Hotel Restaurants You Must Try in Dubai

Whether it was tucked away in a corner, standing out in some popular street, or located in some hotel lobby, a good restaurant will certainly build up the reputation needed to attract diners from different areas, and today we’re going to discuss the best restaurants in Dubai Whether you’ve just arrived to the hotel after a long flight or you’re in a hotel for a business meeting, and you want to close that one million dollar deal and impress your invitee to a delightful experience without having the conventional hotel restaurant food.


PepperCrab Dishes
PepperCrab Dishes

Not only serves as one of the top hotel restaurants in Dubai, Peppercrab is a unique culinary experience transported all the way from Singapore to dazzle diners with delightful dishes and a mesmerizing action kitchen view. With seafood almost completely dominating the menu, Peppercrab offers you a one-of-a-kind hotel dining experience ideal for inviting family and friends, or to treat and bond with your business guest to Asian and Singaporean classics in a fun, lively, and a family-style restaurant in Dubai.

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Traiteur Park Hyatt Dubai
Traiteur Park Hyatt Dubai

This is one of those restaurants that present a combination of classic bistro cuisine with gastronomy, to allow diners to experience the true meaning of casual French fine-dining. With striking views of show kitchen positioned on stage for diners to enjoy the art of making food along with wine cellar, one of the most extensive in Dubai. Traiteur set in Park Hyatt Dubai is an award-winning signature restaurant that takes hotel dining to a whole different and unique level.


Ceviche Mixto at Coya Dubai
Ceviche Mixto at Coya Dubai

Perfect is a word that gets thrown around a lot, which sadly downgrades it. However, when it comes to using it to describe the outstanding restaurant Coya; some diners go as far as saying they experienced the best dishes they ever had. Located in Four Seasons Jumeirah, Coya doesn’t only invite diners from around the world to try the best Peruvian food, and thanks to the awesome staff, the experience becomes whole, through delightful help, and a genuine smile on their face.


Okku is a popular luxury Japanese restaurant and lounge in H Hotel – Dubai whose popularity and fine servings helped earn it multiple awards. Are you planning to make a successful business deal? Or are you looking for means to sweep a date off their feet? This restaurant will make sure to astonish diners through elegant service, stylish design, and amazing plates prepared by Hollywood A-list. This extremely chic restaurant offers spacious setting in an extravagant lounge, VIP dining rooms, in addition to, of course, a great Sushi bar.



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