Five travel gadgets every techie needs

Techies will love traveling with ease using these gadgets that make travel simpler and fun.

In today’s world, where gadgets seem to be indispensable to a lot of people, it’s often difficult to pick just one (or two, or three) to bring when traveling. This is even truer for techies, who pride themselves in having all the technology they need for almost anything! But in an alternate universe where traveling in style trumps packing light, here are five travel gadgets that techies will want to bring along:

#1. Tracking device

Are you prone to losing your valuables when traveling? A tile tracking device is a small gadget that connects to your smartphone and helps locate items you attach to it – your camera, laptop, keys or sunglasses.

Trackr Tracking device
Trackr Tracking device

If you misplace something, an accompanying app will help you track the location of the missing item with a beeping noise. The app will also show you how close or far you are to the missing item. Several items on the market are the Tile tracker and the Nokia Treasure Tag.

#2. Powerbank

Make sure you never run out of juice by bringing a powerbank! When choosing a powerbank to bring, make sure it has enough capacity for multiple charging. A good estimate is to have a powerbank that has a capacity of at least 2,500mAh – that’s enough to fully charge your smartphone twice.

Mi Power Bank
Mi Power Bank

#3. Travel Router

When traveling in a foreign land, it’s especially difficult to navigate if you’re not familiar with the area. Having internet access is helpful, but roaming data charges often cost an arm and a leg.

Huawei Pocket Wifi
Huawei Pocket Wifi

A portable wi-fi router does the trick! Simply purchase a local SIM that allows data browsing and plug it into your router to access internet wherever, whenever!

#4. Smartwatch

Leave the hassle of lugging around several gadgets by bringing instead a smartwatch, which has all the features your smartphone has. A smartwatch can provide reminders on your flight schedules and itinerary, and allows you to check your email and messages on the go.

Apple just released its Apple Watch, while there are also several Andriod-powered watches already available in the market.

#5. E-reader

Waiting at the airport or on a bus ride need not be boring. Bring an e-reader that will help pass time, and catch up on your reading backlog! Several e-readers are now available in the market, including Amazon Kindle, Nook GlowLight and Kobo Glo. Looking for a place to get these gadgets, and lots more?

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