Reasons Why you should take an Alaskan Cruise from Seattle

Hailed as the Last Frontier, Alaska is also known for a lot of great things, from its diverse terrains, wilderness, historic wonders, and legends and myths. They also bring out a great mix of both old and urban vibe, making it a spectacular destination all year round.

Kenai Fjords National Park
Kenai Fjords National Park

Now if I were to choose which cruise should I book if I’m taking a cruise from Seattle, whether traveling solo or in groups, I’d choose the Celebrity Cruises where I’ll be able to explore national parks with fantastic flora and fauna. The cruise take pride in their three ships – the Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Eclipse, and Celebrity Millennium which are said to be topnotch.

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We’ve rounded up some reasons why you should take an Alaskan Cruise from Seattle, and see as its majestic wonders fill your eyes.

Witness Alaska’s Abundant Wildlife

Alaska Polar Bear - Reasons Why You Should Take an Alaskan Cruise from Seattle
Alaska Polar Bear – Reasons Why You Should Take an Alaskan Cruise from Seattle

Did you know that there are almost 30,000 brown bears in Alaska? Other than that, Alaska is also home to various animals such as bison, mountain goat, moose, and orca. Not to mention, you’d also get to sight some humpback whales and orcas. If you’re fortunate enough, you get to see whales throwing their tons of mass into the air – now that’s definitely one for the books.

One of the best stops include the Denali National Park or Mount McKinley which is home to some of these animals and almost 200 species of birds.

The Glacier Experience

Alaska Glacier Experience
Alaska Glacier Experience

If there’s something we don’t see every day, it’s the humongous glaciers and big icebergs in Alaska. Some of the cruises from Seattle offers a visit to the 6-mile wide, 400-foot tall Hubbard glacier. There’s also the Prince William Sound known for its forested mountainsides, the big and blue icebergs of Tracy Arms, and Glacier Bay where cruise ships mostly spend the day.

Explore More Hiking Trails in Juneau

Hiking Trails in Juneau
Hiking Trails in Juneau

Another great thing about booking an Alaskan Cruise is you get to explore various hiking trails in Juneau. Not only is it the capital of Alaska, but is also a place surrounded with rugged terrain perfect for hiking connoisseurs out there.  Some of the trails you can’t miss include the Perseverance Trail where you can see old mine shafts along the way, then there’s also the Eaglecrest Ski Area, and the Mendenhall Glacier- a premier destination of most cruise-ship tourists and Alaska’s southernmost road-accessible glacier.

Try Halibut Fishing!

Halibut Fishing
Halibut Fishing

Yes, you’ve read that right people. You can fish in Alaska all year round – however – peak season for salmon fishing usually occurs from May through September. You can visit Homer, Alaska is dubbed as the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World.” Just take note that there are no charter fishing allowed for Halibut on Wednesdays.

As for Halibut fishing, you can do this even in the vast ocean. This state is in fact known for its world-class halibut and lingcod fishing.

Northern Lights!

Alaska Northern Lights
Alaska Northern Lights

You’re missing out a huge part of your life if you haven’t witnessed a Northern Lights yet. If you’re going to join an Alaskan cruise especially between September and April. These magical lights usually appear after midnight and all you have to do is brave the cold and wait patiently. Viewing the Northern lights is one of the best late night activities you’re going to love on your next Alaska adventure.

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