Discover The Top 5 UK Cities For Affordable Private Renting

Victoria Street, Edinburgh, UK by Alana Harris via Unsplash

Top 5 Cities For Affordable Private Renting in the UK

When we think of the top UK cities for renting, London is naturally seen as the desirable option, and one many people strive to achieve. However, for most of us, London renting prices are completely unrealistic and unattainable.

According to Statistica, as of May 2021, rental prices in London ranged anywhere from £1,142 in the Croydon region to £2,183 in areas such as Westminster. That’s before you take into account council tax, utility bills, and food. The cost of living can be upwards of £3,000 a month, which for many is not sustainable, particularly if you’re looking to save for a deposit on a house.

Thankfully, London isn’t our only option. The UK is home to several flourishing cities with many private renting options at more affordable rates.

We’ve identified the top 5 UK cities for affordable private renting in today’s market below.


This city is home to one of the UK’s largest economies and is considered the second-largest center of creative and digital industries in Europe. Manchester could be the ideal location for a career-focused individual looking to make advancements whatever your specialty.

Homes for rent in Manchester
Homes for rent in Manchester
Property to rent in Manchester
Property to rent in Manchester

Choosing Manchester as your next home sets you amid the city’s wonderful history and culture. From museums, art galleries, and grand shopping centers to beautiful mountainous views located on the outskirts of the city center, there’s a reason why many find this an excellent alternative to renting in London.

In recent years, many build-to-rent apartment developments in Manchester have become new additions to city living, making it much easier for newcomers to make the change. Developers such as Moda Living have changed the way of living, designing a vibrant creative hub for all to experience city living at an affordable price. You’ll find anything from studios to penthouse apartments.


Georgian Quarter, Liverpool, United Kingdom by Deividas Toleikis via Unsplash
Georgian Quarter, Liverpool, United Kingdom by Deividas Toleikis via Unsplash

While Manchester has been taking the UK by storm, Liverpool is fast becoming a hotspot for city living. You’ve got a culture in abundance with the Maritime Museum, Tate Liverpool, and Lady Lever Art Gallery, as well as the historic Cavern Club, known to the world as the birthplace of the Beatles.

With renovations such as the Liverpool One shopping centers, a vibrant business hub close to the Albert Dock, and easy access to other UK cities via train lines, Liverpool is becoming the ideal renting location for young professionals. Also, check out Liverpool’s beautiful historic buildings.


Birmingham photo via Pixabay
Birmingham photo via Pixabay

Birmingham’s population averages at 1.149 million, making it the most popular city on our list. Compared to other major cities in the UK, Birmingham is actually one of the more affordable places to relocate.

While this city has had a reputation for being industry-focused, it has also transformed into a thriving location full of history, culture, and stunning build-to-rent developments that have made Birmingham a home away from home.

There’s always something to enjoy nearby with Sea Life aquarium, multiple museums, and stunning botanical gardens within easy reach.


Victoria Street, Edinburgh, UK by Alana Harris via Unsplash
Victoria Street, Edinburgh, the UK by Alana Harris via Unsplash

Recent years have shown that Edinburgh has become Scotland’s most prominent city, bewitching many to pack up their lives and relocate. Whether it’s the enchanting scenery, historic buildings, or wealth of culture, Edinburgh’s population has grown to over 500,000 since 2017. Edinburgh is considered the greenest city in the UK, with a strong employment market at 76%.

From quaint cobbled streets to ancient architecture and a thriving city center, you can’t go wrong with a city like this.


Leeds UK by Gary Butterfield via Unsplash
Leeds UK by Gary Butterfield via Unsplash

Originally a small market town, Leeds has since developed into the UK’s fourth-largest city, with just under 800,000. Not to mention it’s considered to be the second-largest employment center outside of London.

The city has a wonderful history, having inspired great writers such as J.R.R Tolkien, and is home to the first-ever commercial railway. Only a stone’s throw away from some wonderful Yorkshire hotspots, and with a bustling nightlife, city living has never been more attractive.

Regularly voted as one of the best places to live in the UK, and with an estimated economic growth of 21% over the next ten years, Leeds is the ideal northern destination.

And there you have it, our top 5 cities for private renting. Do you live in one of these cities? Tell us why you love it! Is there a major UK city we’ve missed off the list? Let us know; we’d love to hear from you!

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