London Bucket List: Top 15 Best Things to do in London

Thames River

Top Tourist Spots and Best Things to do in London, United Kingdom

London is known to be the mother of many things; football, literature, royalty and many more. The city attracted 19.8 million visitors in 2018 making it the most visited city in Europe and the second most visited city in the world. It is no fluke that London tops the list of many people’s travel plan, the city is filled with activities that can easily fill up your 52 weekends in a year. The city’s location is one of the contributing factors it receives so many visitors, it lies in the tributaries of River Thames.

St Pauls Cathedral London
St Pauls Cathedral London

London is divided into East, West, North, South and Central London. The most expensive regions being Central and West London. With some of the world’s best entertainment, shopping, dining, art, and history, it is impossible to get bored in London.

15 best activities to do in London

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Watch Football

Chelsea Football
Chelsea Football

You are in London, come on! Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Westham, Crystal Palace, Queens Park Rangers just to name a few of British giant football clubs. Most of the games are played on weekends except during winter periods. London is home to two of the most followed football clubs in the world in Chelsea and Arsenal, and even if you are not a fan of either of these two (probably a Manchester United fan), you can always go and throw your support behind their opponents. Experience the rich English football culture.

Check out Westminster

Westminster London
Westminster London

This is the political hub of London and it is the headquarters of the House of Parliament and the famous bell Big Ben. This bell, located at the iconic clock tower, will chime every top of the hour. While here, visit the Westminster Abbey and Parliament Square.

Stroll in Hyde Park

Hyde Park London
Hyde Park London

Hyde Park is one of the largest parks in London. The park bears historical significance, having once hosted protests by the Suffragettes among many political demonstrations. At Speaker’s Corner, you will find many London activities including artist performances and debates. You can paddle-boat in the Park artificial lakes, or just sit and watch swans playing in the water as you take in fresh air.

Visit Camden


Camden is a richly cultural neighborhood found in North London. The vibrant atmosphere of this area will dazzle you. It is easy to find yourself unknowingly embracing the alternative culture, a known practice of Camden. Wander down to Camden Market to find some of London’s delicious street dishes as well as souvenir shops and unique artwork displays. After your shopping excursions, wander down to Camden Lock and just relax by Regent’s Canal.

Visit the London Eye

London Eye
London Eye

This is one of the top-rated London activities and a must experience if you are in London. It was initially constructed to usher in the millennium. Today, this giant rotating wheel is the tourist hotspot in London. London Eye offers a breathtaking 3600 view of the city. You can seat on spacious pods with other tourists or have a private pod, especially if you are with your better half.

Experience the London Nightlife at Soho

Streets of Soho
Streets of Soho

Soho is a popular nightlife spot for Londoners. It features a number of jazz bars, restaurants, and theaters. It is also close to Leicester Square. During the day, Soho still carries some of its charms. Find quaint bakeries and taste some of London’s sweet confectioneries. Around here you can also find music shops and a lot of cafes. Soho is also known to be London’s LGBTQ hub, with numerous lesbian and gay clubs scattered all over.

Visit Shoreditch


Shoreditch contains numerous eateries and bars, making it a perfect spot to spend your day or evening. It is one of the trendiest regions in London and offers the hottest nightlife too. Visit Far Rockaway club to experience again the 90s nightlife.

Take in London from Hampstead Heath

This is among the largest parks in London, a trip there should be in your list of best things to do in London. It is set on a massive 790 acres atop one of London’s highest points. Here you can enjoy the magnificent views of the city. The park contains a number of large ponds, grassy fields, and wooded areas. If you have an affinity for nature, visit Hampstead Heath to see a number of wildlife animals. Visit the Kenwood House to find a collection of art pieces from past and present artists.

Visit the British Film Institute

If entertainment is one of the reasons you are in London, the British Film Institute is a must-visit. It is located in Southbank, a popular spot in London.  After the entertainment, you can take a walk along the waterfront as you take in the soothing atmosphere of this part of London. Chat about your favorite film in BFI riverfront restaurant as you sip in your favorite wine. The restaurant also offers delicious meals from national and international cuisines.

Take a cruise in Thames River

Thames River
Thames River

River Themes is the London’s gateway. Without it, the Romans wouldn’t have arrived and set up this world’s dearest city. You will find cruises in many locations along the Thames. The cruises leave at the interval of 30 minutes and pass numerous top London’s attractions including the House of Parliament, the Tower Bridge, and the London Eye.

Browse Baker Street

Baker Street by Dean Molyneaux via Wikipedia CC
Baker Street By Dean Molyneaux, CC BY-SA 2.0

Strolling this street should be on your London itinerary. Baker Street is one of the main cultural hubs in the city. It was in this street that Arthur Conan Doyle’s notorious detective Sherlock Holmes lived. Browse the Sherlock Holmes museum, which is just close to the Underground metro station.

Visit Brixton Academy

O2 Brixton Academy photo by Ewan Munro via Wikipedia CC
O2 Brixton Academy photo By Ewan Munro from London, UK – Brixton Academy, Brixton, SW9Uploaded by Oxyman, CC BY-SA 2.0

Your London activities should include a visit to Brixton Academy in south London. The Academy offers some of the world’s biggest rock and pop acts. The venue has hosted acts such as Madonna, New Order, The Clash and Sex Pistols.

Visit the O2 Arena

Bruno Mars at The O2 Arena
Bruno Mars at The O2 Arena

This arena is London’s premier destination for top live music as well as stage shows. Book a guided tour and climb alongside the dome to the top of the arena and enjoy the beautiful views of the city from there.

Experience Bangladesh in Brick Lane

Brick Lane London by Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash
Brick Lane by Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash

Visit Brick Lane for some of Bengali spicy foods. You can also taste some authentic deserts from South Asia in Brick Lane. There are also trendy bars and regular marketplaces that are always crowded with the young crowd.

Visit Chinatown

Chinatown London Paul Gilmore via Unsplash - Things to do in London
Chinatown London Paul Gilmore via Unsplash – Things to do in London

In London, Chinatown is located between Soho and Leicester Square. It is difficult to miss this area because of its Asian architectures with red arches and Chinese lanterns. Here you can try Asian cuisines at HK Diner, which serves among others, roast duck. Try Asian bubble tea if you get a chance.

London Tour Packages

London Travel and Tour Packages

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London Tour photo via KLOOK
London Tour photo via KLOOK

Your day begins with a panoramic morning drive around some of City’s most important landmarks, so make sure to have your camera at the ready.

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