Discover Australia’s Rarest Flowers at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Australia’s Rarest Flowers at the Royal Botanic Gardens

See nearly 30 diverse collections of native flora at the Royal Botanic Gardens with our accommodation in the Melbourne CBD.

Royal Botanic Gardens
Royal Botanic Gardens

No time to go on a full-blow wildflower tour while you’re in Melbourne? Skip the national park circuit and make a beeline for the Royal Botanic Gardens, where 29 diverse collections of native and exotic plant species can be found just steps from the CBD. Whether you want to glimpse the rare and endangered flora of the state’s five key regions or wander through a forest of Australia’s famous gum trees, this inner-city oasis has you covered.

Follow our guide to Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens and discover the city’s green jewel one collection at a time.

The Rare and Threatened Species Collection

Located in the garden’s Central Lawn area, the Rare and Threatened Species Collection showcases a variety of uncommon and endangered plants found throughout Victoria’s broad, biodiverse landscape. Covering the state’s most prominent areas, including the Victorian Alps, the Grasslands, the Grampians, the Mallee and the Eastern Ranges, this one-of-a-kind collections brings the region’s lesser known varieties of fern, flower and shrub to the heart of the city.

Fern Gully

A miniature forest found within the south end of the main gardens, this cool-climate landscape’s trickling stream and overhanging canopy provide the perfect environment for sub-tropical fern species to thrive. Complete with walking trails and a rest house, this serene area of the park is an ideal place for a stroll on a warm summer afternoon.

Species Rose Collection

Constructed in the traditional French style, this formal rose garden in the park’s east end is home to more than 100 varieties of the well-loved flower. A truly romantic destination, this rose-filled parterre also offers uninterrupted views to Melbourne’s stunning city skyline.

Lake at Royal Botanic Gardens
Lake at Royal Botanic Gardens

Tropical Glasshouse

A great display for a rainy day, this enclosed greenhouse is kept at a balmy temperature all year round to allow its wide range of tropical plants to thrive. Not limited to Australia’s rainforests, the Royal Botanic Gardens’ Tropical Glasshouse sees exotic species from the world’s most famous jungles co-mingle in this lush, indoor arboretum.

Arid Garden

A foil to the dense foliage of the Tropical Glasshouse, the Arid Garden in the park’s southeast corner display’s more than 1,100 desert-dwelling plants, including cacti, aloe and agave. The closest thing to the outback you’ll find in Victoria’s wet and stormy capital, this fascinating display is amongst the most remarkable collections found in the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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