Davao’s Zorb Park

While having  snacks in Mam Bebs Restaurant with fellow bloggers, Ria and the rest of the DFAT organizing team asked everyone where do we want to go after the bloggers orientation.

Davao Zorb
First Zorb Park in Davao

Good thing Ria immediately contacted the owner of Davao Zorb Park and we were able to get a complimentary passes. Everything was fast, in just couple of minutes I found myself dared to “zorb” and being always up for a challenge I initially said “Yes” just to compare their Zorb with Boracay’s version but I decided not to join since I’m not feeling well and I think I’m also overweight:)

Davao Zorb Park
Ready Get Set Zorb!!!

So just what is Zorbing? It is the recreation of rolling downhill while inside a transparent plastic orb. It is usually done on a gentle slope, but I would have preferred to have done it on a more of a level surface so that the challenger could have had a bit more control.

But then again, I guess being out of control apparently is what makes this ride as thrilling as I found out. Each challenger has to sign a waiver which was a little unsettling in itself before they enter inside a giant ball and was strapped in.

Donna after Zorbing
Donna after Zorbing

The ride only lasted about a minute or so and seeing it from Donna and Sarah, I guess nervousness and excitement made it seem a lot longer than that. The Zorb Park ride is still in the testing stage, but the ride seemed pretty safe and secure and sure was thrilling. 

DFAT 2010
Davao Zorb Park

The ride is located at the entrance of the Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road,Ma-a, Davao City. Please note though, Zorbing is not for everyone and there are certain safety issues to be aware of. You should not ride if you are pregnant, if you have heart disease or high blood pressure, or if you have neck and back problems.

DFAT 2010 Davao Food Appreciation Tour
Safety First

Also, if you way more than 180 kilos you may not ride, and there is a scale at the site, and they will weigh you! I would also not recommend zorbing if you have just had lunch or consumed a liquid beverage for obvious reasons. You will find yourself upside down through most of this ride.

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  1. Ria Jose says

    Got to try that a few months ago. It was a thrilling ride. 🙂

  2. melo says

    @Ria – Im now on a strict diet just to lose weight.. when i come back I will definitely give it a try:)

  3. donna says

    heheheheheh wahahahahaha ang pangit ko sa photo!!! wahahahahaha!!! paparazzi ka melo!!! 🙂

  4. Ada says

    HAHAHAHA!! Natatawa ako sa chura ni Donna!
    Gusto ko ulet magZorb!!

  5. daleong says

    hi, do you have a contact number of Davao Zorb Park? thanks!! daleong_2001@yahoo.com

  6. zorb ball says

    I would also not recommend zorbing if you have just had lunch or consumed a liquid beverage for obvious reasons. You will find yourself upside down through most of this ride.

  7. funnyzorb says

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    i would like to know more detail about your order so that i can give you a targeted price .Please let me know if you would like any further information and I will be happy to assist.

  8. Boracay says

    WEW! This is FUN! Challenging! Exciting! haha! I wanna try this Zorbing thingy! This’ll really pump up my adrenaline rush! 😀

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