Best Hostels in Davao City

Hostels in Davao City

Davao City is filled with great places to stay. Whether you want to stay in a five star, top rated hotel or you are looking for something with just the bed and the bathroom, you can certainly find it. However, if you are looking for the best hostels in Davao City, you might have a harder time finding them. It’s not that there are too few to find, it’s that there are a lot and some of them aren’t technically speaking, hostels at all.

cheap davao city hostels
Lispher Inn Davao City

Hostels in general are simply a low budget way for backpackers or travelers to stay somewhere for a reasonable amount of money. The best hostels are also meeting points where travelers can take part in a community of people with similar interests, share travel tips, and hopefully make new friends.

Finally, a hostel needs to be able to satisfy some demands that hotels and bed and breakfast places can’t. That is the need to do one’s laundry and to self cater, i.e. cook one’s own meals.

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Ponce Suites Davao

Outside of that list of criteria, our first recommendation is for Ponce Suites. Not only does Ponce Suites offer luggage storage and a bar where travelers can meet up at the end of a day’s sightseeing and share drinks and stories, but it also has no curfew and is furnished with stimulating and exciting art-furniture that will give you a whole new set of things to discuss with friends. Ponce Suites is filled with mind expanding art that is worth a visit even if you don’t stay there.

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My Hotel Davao City

My second recommendation is my favorite Lispher Inn located in Matina Davao City. They call it a hotel but their rates are more like a hostel for me without the double decks like the ones you can see in your college dormitory. Make sure to book in advance though since this hotel is usually fully booked specially during summer and the Kadayawan Festival season.

Hostels in Davao City
Hostels in Davao City

My Hotel is a different story. It is located right in the heart of downtown Davao City and you can visit the world famous Durian pounding exhibitions or just take in the art and culture of Davao City. My Hotel is reasonably priced and while not a hostel in the traditional sense, it fits the bill when you need a place to stay in the heart of Davao.

Checkout the list of Hostels in Davao City.

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    Hostels are great alternatives really, and thank you for the recommendations. I think it would be more suited if you are staying for more than 3 days in Davao. It’s cheaper and a nice way to have a new environment for living.

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