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Coffee Empire in West Avenue, Quezon City

Big 3rd wave of Coffee Alert: Coffee Empire

Are we a little of burnt out of the same old coffee that we use to sip every morning? Are we wondering if there is more to coffee than three in one. Or are we still on the search for the brand that is the right one? Like a surfer expectantly and patiently waiting at the shore line for some sign of a much awaited dose of thrill and excitement brought about by riding new waves, so it is for you and me that is also waiting for a new excitement to top up our coffee experience.

Facade of Coffee Empire
Facade of Coffee Empire

It’s about time for us to be blown away by “waves of knowledge” about coffee. It’s time to have some fun and get to deeply know what “coffee wave” does our coffee brand fits into.

Latte Art in a Cup
Latte Art in a Cup

Third wave predecessors

Coming in fast at number one is the first wave of coffee that we are so used to seeing almost everywhere and can be termed as the “coffee to consume”. Work, home, office, supermarkets even at small stores, this kind of coffee has the spotlight on commercials, none other than commercialized coffee.

Latte Art
Latte Art

Following this wave is the second wave of coffee which can be termed as the “coffee to enjoy”. This includes espresso-drinks , frappucino, flavored lattes and a lot more that can be found on our favorite coffee shops at the mall and other hangout places.

And the new wave that we are waiting for, the third wave of coffee. This kind of coffee can be termed as the “coffee to appreciate”. It’s like having a hybrid coffee which is infused with art.

Coffee beans from Benguet
Coffee beans from Benguet

“This involves improvements at all stages of production, from improving coffee plant growing, harvesting, and processing, to stronger relationships between coffee growers, traders, and roasters, to higher quality and fresh roasting, at times called “microroasting” (by analogy with microbrew beer), to skilled brewing.” – Wikipedia

Bag of Coffee Beans
Bag of Coffee Beans at Coffee Empire

The foundation of the Coffee Empire

Located at 74 West Avenue, West Triangle Quezon City a very spacious new coffee shop bearing the identity of a third wave coffee kind can be spotted. As I entered Coffee Empire, there is a sense of excitement brought about by passion. I became a part of the event that featured a lot of baristas competing with one another to create the perfect definition of a third wave coffee by preparing a very creative, precise and artistic latte – Latte Art. To determine the champion of the competition, 3 judges must be impressed by the baristas by drawing on the coffee a “6 petal flower” by just pouring the steamed milk to the coffee, applying strokes, only by moving the cup. The showdown became the main show of the event and tough decisions were made to be able to crown the champion.

The Green Room
The Green Room

While waiting for the event to start I was able to try Coffee Empire’s best seller latte. My latte has a very cute heart drew unto it. The taste of the coffee is very rich, one sip can be enjoyed by a couple of seconds. Upon talking to Coffee Empire managers I was educated that third wave coffee shops like Coffee Empire not only serves coffee in the most artistic and delectable way possible but also educates and imparts knowledge about the varieties of coffee they have and what kind of preparation is best suited for each varietal of coffee.

Coffee Empire helping and strengthening Filipino Coffee Growers

Green Coffee Beans
Green Coffee Beans

Coffee empire is also a big help to our Filipino coffee growers in the agricultural region. Having the right coffee beans to be able to produce the best tasting coffee is a major concern of Coffee Empire. It has imported beans but it also has beans freshly harvested in the Philippines, to be exact at Benguet. Coffee beans from Benguet is known for its “chocolatey” taste which is rich in flavor. This helps our very own coffee growers to be known in the coffee industry, also creating jobs for our fellow Filipinos at rural areas.

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Third Wave Coffee shops not only gives us the best new experience when it comes to coffee but it also helps our fellow Filipinos have jobs and improve our edge and potential in agriculture.

Coffee Empire
Address: #74 West Avenue, West Triangle, Quezon City,Philippines
Telephone: (02) 410-01-90

Written by Bien Diuco

Rodello Diuco was born in Cabanatuan in April 28, 1994. He grew up in Quezon City finishing his elementary, high school and just recently his college studies. He is a BS Information Technology graduate from the Technological Institute of the Philippines Quezon City. He has a passion for reading, writing drawing, leading and speaking. He has acquired a number of leadership opportunities in college, one of the most significant is being in the student council and some exposure to pageantry modelling to represent his department in TIP. He also likes to travel and do sports like basketball. He dreams of going back to Japan that’s why he attended Nihongo 1 in ADMU.

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