KidZania Manila: Changing Learning through Play in 2015

Get Ready for KidZania Manila!

Good news for kids, parents, guardians, and educators! With the help of Cebu Pacific Air, there’s a new interactive, educational play city coming to Manila. In this little city, children aged 3 – 14 can learn all about what it’s like to run a mini city and take on jobs just like in the real world.

Kidzania Manila in partnership with Cebu Pacific
Kidzania Manila in partnership with Cebu Pacific

What Lays In Store

The KidZania experience begins at the KidZania International Airport. Participating children will check in at Cebu Pacific counters, get their boarding passes, and will be transported to KidZania Manila where they can role-play over 100 exciting careers.

Kids can explore their interests from being bank tellers and engineers to doctors and pilots. They can even work as actors and artists. The interactive play city in Manila will feature establishments that has made KidZania popular around the world. There will be banks, hospitals, aviation academies, fire stations, tv stations, and a host of other features essential to a full-functioning city.

Kidzania Mascots
Kidzania Mascots

Flights to Their Future Dreams

With the help of Cebu Pacific Air and the aviation academy, kids can train to be pilots or flight attendants. Their Zupervisors will be able to assist them in learning how to take off and land a plane using high tech flight simulators. Flight attendants will learn all about flight safety and how to put their passengers at ease through safety demonstrations and fun games.

They will even earn the value of money! Through fun hard work, kids can earn KidZos, the KidZania currency and they can choose whether to save it in the bank or spend it around the city. With all the fun features waiting children in KidZania Manila, they will be able to discover their talents, explore different roles, and even help create a better world in the future!

Little Flight Attendants demonstrating the safety features of the aircraft
Little Flight Attendants demonstrating the safety features of the aircraft

Cebu Pacific Air’s involvement affirms their commitment with education through travel. As they have unlocked the world to travelers everywhere, they hope to do the same in welcoming kids to this interactive and exciting little city. As flights to other lands lead to opportunities and discoveries, so will flights to KidZania, even if it’s only in their imaginations.

Whether it’s a kid’s dream to be a pilot, flight attendant, or wish to seek out other possible career opportunities, KidZania will be able to give them a sneak peak of what the future holds for them.

Unveling the Cebu Pacific Aircraft inside Kidzania Manila Facility
Unveling the Cebu Pacific Aircraft inside Kidzania Manila Facility in Bonifacio Global City

World-Class Fun and Learning

Starting in Mexico City back in 1999, KidZania has now grown into a global brand with over 16 KidZania facilities around the world and an additional 9 facilities expected to open over the next few years. Right now, there are KidZania cities in Santa Fe, Monterrey, Cuicuillco, Tokyo, Jakarta, Osaka, Lisbon, Dubai, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Santiago, Bangkok, Kuwait City, Cairo, Mumbai, and Istanbul. Along with Manila, 8 other facilities currently in development are expected to open in Sao Paulo, Jeddah, Moscow, London, Singapore, Doha, Busan, and the United States.

KidZania Manila is brought to you by Play Innovations, Inc. For more information, you can visit KidZania Manila’s official website, or Cebu Pacific Air’s official website, Facebook account, or tweet them at @CebuPacificAir.

Actual date of opening, ticket prices and other important schedules will be announced in this blog soon. Watch out for KidZania Manila at Bonifacio Global City in 2015!
  1. […] Kidzania Manila is, as the name of the edutainment park itself states… for kids. Sorry, adults! What makes Kidzania Manila unique to most theme parks out there is that it is specially constructed for children—it’s a place in which buildings, roads, and other things are kid-sized. This downscaled world allows children aged 4 to 14 to explore the park without the restraints a typical theme park would have on them (like height and age restrictions). Here, children are also given the opportunity to act the roles of adults in this small-scaled city, so they get entertained, and at the same time educated. […]

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