Chocolate Gallery in Kuala Lumpur: A Chocolate Paradise in Malaysia

Chocolate Gallery Kuala Lumpur

Chocolate Gallery in Kuala Lumpur

From modern skyscrapers to colorful shopping district and mouth watering cuisine – Who would have thought that an Asian Country will also become popular for its Chocolates?

Malaysia's Largest Chocolate Paradise
Malaysia’s Largest Chocolate Paradise

Before visiting the Petronas Twin Towers, I visited the famous Chocolate Gallery located in Jalan Kamuning (Not in QC). Opened in August 2003, The Chocolate Gallery has become the largest producer of quality chocolates in Malaysia.

Chocolate Gallery
Chocolate Gallery

Before entering the gallery, a staff will welcome you and give you a yellow sticker I guess for tracking purposes. I was warmly greeted by Annie Abas, A half Malaysian and Half Filipino store attendant who thought at first that I am also Malaysian.

kuala lumpur chocolates
Pasalubong from Kuala Lumpur

When she learned that I’m a Filipino, she started conversing in Tagalog and gave me recommendations which to buy and allowed me to taste the many types of chocolates they have in the Gallery.

chocolate gallery
These are not Books

Annie grew up in Malaysia with her Filipina Mother from Zamboanga who speaks Tagalog in their house which allowed her to learn and be fluent in Filipino.

chocolates malaysia
These are not Wines

The Cocoa Boutique and Chocolate Gallery Malaysia is the largest chocolate retailer in Malaysia and is a popular tourist spot as it is also a recommended attraction by Tourism Malaysia. The Cocoa Boutique has over 300 varieties of chocolates but I was able to try some of their best selections like the Tiramisu, Dark Chocolate, Sugar-Free variants and Coconut flavored white chocolate.

best chocolates malaysia kuala lumpur
With Annie Abas – A Filipina from Chocolate Gallery

The sales attendants are well trained and just like Annie, they can provide you the historical origins of cocoa beans and how Chocolates became Malaysia’s favorite dessert and snacks.

Chocolate Gallery Kuala Lumpur
Chocolate Gallery Kuala Lumpur

Currently, they have items that are on sale, I was able to avail their Buy 5 get one free and the flavors I selected are Tongkat Ali Milk Chocolate, Black Sesame White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Chili Dark Chocolate and Ginger Dark Chocolate. Probably that gives you an idea how addicted I am with Dark Chocolates:)

The store accepts multiple types of currency so If you don’t have enough Malaysian Ringgit, you can also buy using your Philippine Peso.

Chocolate Gallery (M) Sdn. Bhd
26, Jalan Kamuning,
Off Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,

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  1. Penfires! says

    oh my! just my kind of heaven! 🙂 one of my favorite choco brands is from Malaysia (Beryl’s) which I have been constantly trying to find in our local shops here but sadly wala :/

    1. melo says

      Hello Ces:) I wish I can try that too:) Will try to find one tom:)

  2. Penfires! says

    hi mel 🙂 nag sho-short circuit braincells ko looking at your chocolate pics hahaha, thanks for sharing them. Enjoy your KL trip while I will again look and feast my eyes on the pics on this post hehe =)

    1. melo says

      Hello Cil, hehe ako nga gusto ko na kainin yung dapat eh pasalubong ko… Im so tempted nowwwwww hahahaha

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