Laksa: My favourite Malaysian Food


Laksa is one of the most popular Malaysian dishes and it is one of my favourite dishes. Laksa is a spicy noodle soup and is a traditional dish for the people that belong to Peranakan culture. It is a food item that is almost a mix of Chinese and Malay elements. There are many varieties of Laksa that is available and some of them are Curry Laksa, Chicken Laksa, Seafood Laksa and also Asam Laksa.

original curry laksa
Curry Laksa

Laksa is a perfect food to have on an extremely cold day since it can be easily digested. This dish is usually served in a bowl, and it’s aromatic and also very tasty. Curry Laksa is also one of my favourites, It is a soup which is made from a coconut curry. The ingredients that are used with this Laksa include fish, bean curd puffs, shrimp and also cockles. This dish is often served with Sambal chilli paste and also Laksa leaf that is popularly known in Malay as ‘Daun Kesum’.

In Penang that is another major city in Malaysia, Curry Laksa is commonly known as Curry Mee. Plain Laksa is also available that just makes use of noodles and also gravy. The most common variants of Curry Laksa are Laksa Lemak, Katong Laksa, Nyonya Laksa, and Johor Laksa.


Among the variants of Curry Laksa, the most common variant is ‘Laksa Lemak’ that is also known as Nyonya Laksa. It is a type of Laksa with heavy coconut gravy, which is sweet, but spiced too. Laksa Lemak is usually prepared with fish gravy. In Curry Laksa, it just makes use of green sprouts and no other vegetables are used. Bean curd puff is also used with this type of Laksa. Hard boiled egg is also some times added with Curry Laksa. Slices of fish, prawn and chicken are also sometimes used with Curry Laksa.

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Another popular variant of Laksa that i like and is also popular among the Malaysian people is Asam Laksa. The most common variants of Asam Laksa include Asam Laksa and also Penang Laksa. It is essentially a tasty sour based fish soup. Asam means Tamarind is an essential content that gives the stock its sour flavour. The main ingredient in Asam Laksa is the shredded fish that is commonly known as kembung fish. This dish also makes use of sliced vegetables such as cucumber, red chillies, pineapple and also common mint. Asam Laksa is deliciously served together with thick or thin rice noodles. More taste is provided with a thick sweet prawn and shrimp paste. In some restaurants in Malaysia, Asam Laksa is provided with raw onions also.

Laksa in Mallaca
Laksa in Mallaca

There is also another form of Laksa known as Sarawak Laksa that is a red curry like soup. It is usually served with only thin rice noodles and is also very tasty. Sliced Omelette is also used with this type of Laksa. It is mostly served with whole prawns and also serrated chickens to give that extra taste that is mouth watering. Laksa is one of the best tasty Malaysian foods that i love to have.

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