The different passions of Janice Hung: sports, music and Chinese food

For the famed wushu artist of the Philippines Janice Hung, following one’s passion is the name of the game. From being a champion martial artist in the world-famous sport of wushu, to a rising star in today’s local music scene, Janice never lets any moment go to waste. Her passion shines through even during meal times, where she carries on her insatiable appetite for life with her friends at her new favorite dining place— Flavours of China.

Janice Chung loves Flavours of China
Janice Chung loves Flavours of China

Janice started training at the age of 7 and was accepted into the national team at age 16. Success followed the wushu prodigy as she joined the SEAG from 2005 to 2007 where she won medals for the Philippines. Today, she sets herself as an example to aspiring musicians by establishing a workshop called MUZIKADEMY, where talented Filipinos can sign up and learn how to harness their prowess in music.

Janice Chung - Wushu Champ
Janice Chung – Wushu Champ

“A whole day of training or teaching music can get me really hungry, so me and my friends usually go out to eat afterwards. I found Flavours of China to be one of the best places to hang out and have dinner as their food is perfect for my taste,” Janice says*.

Janice Hung
Janice Hung

Janice is a tall, lean, mean eating machine when it comes to Chinese food. “I love dim sum dishes, such as siu mai, dumplings and noodles. They’re the perfect treat for me anytime I go out to eat, and Flavours of China delivers dim sum the way I know Chinese food, and priced just right” she adds.

CafeFrance Executive Vice-President Raymond Yap expresses his delight at Janice Hung supporting the budding Oriental food place. “I’m very happy to know that she likes our dishes. It feels great that I could personally thank her,” he says, upon meeting the beautiful and well-known sports and music icon.

From artists and musicians to just about everyone, Flavours of China impresses those with a craving for Chinese dishes with their wide variety of recipes guaranteed to satisfy their dining passion. Flavours of China can be found in select major malls in Metro Manila as well as SM Batangas, SM Lipa, and SM Sta. Rosa in Laguna.

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