Cebu Pacific’s Make Moments Happen Campaign Encourages First Time Experiences

Whitewater rafting adventure

Discover Life’s Firsts with Cebu Pacific’s First Experiences Campaign

(Manila, Philippines) Life’s firsts- These are the moments when people get excited and scared at the same time because for the very first time they’re trying out something new. These things can be trying out bungee jumping at a remote location or landing your first job and so on and you don’t just forget that.

Make Moments Happen Campaign
Make Moments Happen Campaign

Another exciting first and probably one of the most loved by everyJuan is traveling. It’s a feeling like no other when you go to a new place and experience what their culture is and see the hospitality of the locals. It’s an amazing feeling to see festivals, go to shops and learn something new that you can take with when you get home and through all these, Cebu Pacific is a part of that journey. The country’s leading local carrier is with everyJuan when they experience the most memorable times in their life of travel.

Cebu Pacific Director for Corporate Communications Charo Logarta Lagamon said that Cebu Pacific’s goal is to accompany everyJuan in all their travels and be one of the reasons for good memories.

Whitewater rafting adventure
Whitewater rafting adventure
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In light of this, Cebu Pacific encourages everyJuan to pack up their bags and go on that journey and Cebu Pacific will take them there. They can watch the airline company’s Make Moments Happen campaign where relatable stories for frequent and first-time fliers are shown.

Cebu Pacific made a series of digital videos about real-life situations which everybody can watch. It tells the stories of first-time moments that play significant roles in someone’s life and put into details how Cebu Pacific becomes a part of that.

Hike with your pet
Hike with your pet

The first episode, entitled Leah (First Break) is about the lady in the title who’s traveling alone to a local destination. She needs a break and her birthday is coming and this is the right time to travel alone for the first time. She goes for it and books a flight.

After Leah’s travel adventure, Cebu Pacific will take on another first; first achievement and first welcome. Go to Cebu Pacific Facebook page or their YouTube channel to watch and share the video.

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