Casa Noble Ultra Premium Tequila invades Manila Party Scene

Finally, Casa Noble ultra premium tequila is now available in Manila. I must admit, Im not a huge fan of tequila before until I tasted this premium tequila from Casa Noble. It was during my Singapore visit two years ago when I first tasted Casa Noble Tequila and man! that was also the time when I finally liked tequila.

Tim Yap for Casa Noble Ultra Premium Tequila
Tim Yap for Casa Noble Ultra Premium Tequila

What makes Casa Noble Ultra Premium Tequila a brand to beat?

Casa Noble Tequila is made from 100% organically grown “blue agave” and it is known for its unique aroma, smooth taste and distinctly satisfying velvety finish.

Carlos Santana, a Mexican multiple Grammy Award-winner and a rock and roll icon is now one of the owners of the brand. Together with the rest of the board, Carlos Santana – a connoisseur of fine spirits welcomes Tim Yap as the new brand ambassador of Casa Noble.

As an avid tequila enthusiast , Tim Yap is the perfect choice to represent and promote the brand. Being a seasoned newspaper editor, creative director, television celebrity host and premier club owner, Tim Yap shares the same passion, discerning taste, intensity and quest for excellence as the artisinal brand he represents.

Talk about a perfect fit? Well, Tim Yap and Casa Noble…synonymously they’re the Life of the Party!

Casa Noble TVC from Youtube

During the recent Casa Noble Ultra Premium Tequila’s formal launch, Manila’s legendary party crowd enjoyed Casa Noble Tequila in four ravishing variants:

CRYSTAL un-aged silver tequila: All superior tequila starts with only the best “Silver” or “Blanco” and ours is Casa Noble Crystal. We call it Crystal because we believe it is superior to all silver tequilas. It is simply in a class by itself. Contained in a beautiful hand blown glass decanter, adorned with an exquisite pewter engraved label and top. It is the perfect Blanco.

REPOSADO – aged 364 days in French white oak barrels: This exquisite tequila is matured in French white Oak barrels for three hundred sixty four days. Smooth, sensuous and full bodied, this tequila rivals the best spirits in the world. Contained in a beautiful hand blown cobalt blue decanter, adorned with an exquistite pewter engraved label and top. It is perfect marriage of agave and the oak.

ANEJO – matured in French white oak barrels: Imagine a tequila that has taken over fourteen years to produce. That is Casa Noble Anejo. Our most perfect tequila, this exquisite tequila is matured and extra aged to perfection and produced in limited quantities. Its deep golden tone has an exceptional bouquet and body that ranks among the finest distilled spirits in the world. Beautifully contained in artisan purple glass decanter.

SINGLE BARREL – 100% blue Agave triple distilled family of premium tequila: You may have come across “reserves” and “limited edition” tequilas but Casa Noble has redefined luxury by developing the first single barrel program in the tequila world. In the tradition of the finest single barrel whiskies, our program has exceeded every expectation in creating an ultra premium tequila aged in its own barrel.

Casa Noble Ultra Premium Tequila is now available at Rustans, Unimart, Landmark and leading wine shoppes or you can shop online at with free delivery!

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