Tokyo: Business Traveler Event Checklist

Business Traveler Event Checklist: Don’t Forget Your Goal

(Tokyo, Japan) With the culture shock, the language and the fast paced lifestyle, doing business in Japan can be a little overwhelming at times. In order to get the most out of a business occasion, Western entrepreneurs need to be well prepared when attending business events in Tokyo.

Traveler Event Tokyo Urban Landscape
Tokyo Urban Landscape

Without a definitive goal and a comprehensive checklist, even experienced businessmen can be distracted by the ceremony of the event and forget the reasons they are there in the first place.

To ensure that you don’t lose your way at business events in Tokyo, make yourself and your colleagues a checklist and make sure everyone is fully up to speed and working together on the day.

Learn a little etiquette

If preoccupied about whether or not you should bow to a new acquaintance, present a potential business partner with a gift or remove your shoes before entering meeting rooms in Tokyo, the chances are that you won’t be fully focused on the task in hand.

Business Traveler Event Checklist
Business Traveler Event Checklist

To ensure you have your head fully in the game, learn as much Japanese business etiquette as you can before the event.

Do your research

Knowing who’s who before you walk into meeting rooms in Tokyo will help to ensure you speak to the right people and the right companies on the day.

Understanding the roles, positions and interests of your potential Japanese partners will also help you show the appropriate amount of respect when you meet potential business partners, giving you a head start when it comes to remembering names and faces.

Be firm but not pushy

Whether your goal is to create new business contacts, sign a contract for a new deal or secure a Japanese business partner, being too pushy when pursuing your agenda could put potential partners off.

Though having a clear goal in mind when entering meeting rooms in Tokyo will help you to focus, remember that your Japanese colleagues will probably want to build a relationship before doing business, so don’t go in for the hard sell too soon.

Make some Japanese business cards

Business cards are an incredibly important part of Japanese culture and having some well made cards to hand when you attend business events in Marunouchi Hotels will make your life a lot easier.

Business Card
Business Card

Rather than simply handing out your western business cards, take the time to have Japanese versions made, ensuring the side with the Japanese text is facing up when presenting your card to a business associate.

By going through a preparation checklist and having a clear idea of your goal for the day, you can ensure you get the most out of your meeting and have a productive business trip to Japan.

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