Boracay Beach House with Ocean View: A Haven of Paradise in Boracay

Boracay Beaches in Southeast Asia

Boracay Beach House with Ocean View

Yes, Boracay Island is known for its white beaches, sunsets, parties, water sports, good food and good vibes. But it’s also very much about the lush nature, vibrant flora and fauna and tranquility, as some quite cherished havens revere. One of these nature havens is a rustic Boracay beach house that sits on a hill in the Northwestern side of the island.

Boracay Beach House
Boracay Beach House – Behold the radiance of the sea from the rooftop

Owned by a free-spirited nature lover, this beach house is tucked in a vast land, shrouded with flowering trees, lush tropical plants and a heavenly air for complete privacy.

It bestows Boracay travelers a chance to live like an islander; where waking up to the lovely sounds of the birds, inhaling a wisp of the sea breeze through the fresh flowing air and walking into a flourishing garden from the doorstep fulfills ecstasy in everyday life.

A room in the mood for love
A room in the mood for love
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In this house, a kitchen has been created to embrace the pleasures of preparing food. On one side, it opens up to the relaxing view of the garden, while on the other, it catches the sunlight streaming through the paneled walls next to the beautiful dining area.

A glimpse of this paradise haven and its surrounding lushness
A glimpse of this paradise haven and its surrounding lushness

While embracing the pleasures of life is the common theme in this island house, it inspires its residents to surrender to the sensation of drinking a cup of coffee on the terrace and to feel lithe on the hammock, amid the tranquilizing view of the adjacent hills and the spectacular skyline.

The seaview balcony from the Main Bedroom
The seaview balcony from the Main Bedroom

Topping the two extremely cozy bedrooms below is the main bedroom, which through wide window panels and artful ethnic interiors complements the surrounding glory of Mother Nature.

Such blessings, as the panoramic sea, the verdant landscape and the sky, are beholden even from the comfy four-poster bed, where love in its absolute form is exalted and self-nurturing is thereby reaffirmed in all who breathes it.

The quaint beach that is within this haven's vicinity
The quaint beach that is within this haven’s vicinity

When the body craves for the moisture and saltiness of the sea, one needs only to walk along the main path, stretching short and bucolic to the quaint white sandy cove that welcomes not all but a chosen few.

At twilight, when the need to get a ride and experience the vibrant nightlife on the island’s famous white beach becomes a wistful memory, the mystical silhouette of the surrounding landscape then illuminates with the sparkling glow of fireflies dancing about the trees to the meditative sounds of friendly night creatures, thus fulfilling a sense of oneness and contentment in its residing audience.

The pleasure kitchen
The pleasure kitchen

Through a house like this beautifully rustic one, Boracay as paradise is rekindled and the innate beauty of the island is fostered well into the future.

Paraw Sailing in Boracay
Paraw Sailing in Boracay

This Boracay Beach House AirBNB is located in Sitio Hagdan in Barangay Yapak. It is available, fully-furnished with three fan-powered bedrooms and three private bathrooms, plus fast wifi in all the rooms. For more information about this Beach House, simply click on this link via AirBNB.

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