Bell Church of Baguio City

You may have been to Baguio City before but if you are like most people that visit, you probably missed one of the hidden gems of the region. I don’t know exactly why the Bell Church of Baguio City seems to fall off of everyone’s radar, but I would classify this as a must see site for everyone who comes to Baguio City.

taoist temple
Taoist Temple in Baguio City

The Bell Church is a magnificent Taoist Church that sits between Baguio City and La Trinidad, Benguet. Part of the reason why the Bell Church might be missed is because it has typically not been offered as a part of the local tours offered by travel agencies because it sits just a bit outside of the normal routes of things to see when you are visiting Baguio City. It is a site you don’t want to miss, but you have to go a little out of your way to see it.

baguio tourist attractions
Bell Church in Baguio

As with most Taoist temples, it is mostly red with a lot of dragon highlights built into it and a peaceful and serene lotus pond nearby. As you enter you pass opposing dragons and you come to the incredible koi pond where many people choose to make a wish to deliver to the koi. Located on the grounds are a number of pagodas that most people can’t visit, but if you are lucky you can visit the pagodas on the weekend and make them a part of your holiday.

Bell Church Reminders

When you enter the main temple you will see several Taoist entities and there will probably be joss sticks burning. This incense is typical of Chinese alters and always takes me back to my childhood when I visited Chinatown with my grandfather. While you are in the temple, it is requested that you don’t take any pictures out of respect for those who are praying or who worship there.

Many people will tell you that the Bell Church isn’t really worth visiting, but I think it is one of the highlights of the region because of the peaceful serenity it can bring to your soul. Unlike visiting the busy tourist sites where people are loading and unloading from buses, the Bell Church are populated by only those who are lucky enough to find it.
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