Barcelona Hotels with the Highest Traveler Ratings

One of the largest cities in Spain other than Madrid is Barcelona which is also a place full of amazing attractions, buildings of extremely admirable architectural beauty and very nice people. Barcelona and other cities in Spain are among the worlds most favorite destinations.

Hotel Silken Diagonal Barcelona
Hotel Silken Diagonal Barcelona

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Barcelona provides the travelers with the best accommodation facilities and services, not to mention hospitality, in the form of a number of renowned Hotels. Most of the hotels in Barcelona are appreciably hospitable. There are luxury hotels, boutique hotels as well as those which would come under a low budget, without sacrificing the services and the quality. As Barcelona has a lot of attractive places to visit, getting a room in any Hotel means the travelers will be able to go for shopping, see exotic spots and explore the city. The following are a couple of the best Hotels in the city.

Hotel Market Barcelona
Hotel Market Barcelona

Hotel Silken Diagonal Barcelona

A luxurious hotel offering great rooftop views of the city, and built with great architectural beauty in a unique design, is the Silken Diagonal Barcelona. The Hotel offers a wide range of services and facilities for the guests treating them with utmost hospitality and honor.

Hotel Confortel Barcelona
Hotel Confortel Barcelona

Hotel Market Barcelona

This Hotel would be a favorite for foodies. The oriental styled rooms, convenient facilities, impeccable services and the delicious cuisines make this hotel very unique. Travelers can even make their own feast after buying fresh food supplies.

Hotel Confortel Barcelona

At the city center of Gracia in Barcelona, Hotel Confort offers superb facilities and rooms, and is known for its beautiful terrace. The Hotel is in a location full of a variety of shops, bars and restaurants. The Hotel also offers price discounts depending on the season. Although it’s quite a hustle and bustle outside the Hotel, it is very serene and peaceful inside.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona Hotels
Mandarin Oriental Barcelona Hotels

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Barcelona

On the popular Passeig de Gracia, the elegant mid 20th century building is a sight that can impress any visitor. The Chic boutiques, Mimosa garden and the pools in the Mandarin Oriental give you an opportunity to live like a king during your stay, with immaculate facilities and instant, nifty room services. Gymnasium, Spa, Bar/Lounge and restaurants are only but a few of the outstanding features of this regal place of stay.

Hotel Espana

Those who have heard of and seen the Palau de la Musica concert hall in Barcelona would be surprised to know that it’s the same architect of the concert hall who decorated Hotel Espana, making the building itself worth a few days stay while in Barcelona. The Hotel is close to the popular La Rambla and is reputed and known as a jewel of Catalan Modernism. It isn’t any wonder why this is one of the top rated Hotels in Barcelona.

El Palace Barcelona

A five star hotel of epic proportions, the El Palace Barcelona will readily amaze any visitor starting from the magnificent and artistically beautiful lobby. Stylish roman marble baths and the beautifully decorated rooms are the uniqueness factors of this place. As a cherry on top of the icing, the Hotel is popular for the immaculate services and facilities for guests.

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