Barbados 101 for First Time Visitors

Barbados is one of the world’s most beautiful island nations. Located in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean, this popular travel destination is known for its ideal climate, fun activities and vibrant culture. Tourists who are visiting the island for the first time will quickly understand why this location is so special.

Beach near Bridgetown in Barbados
Beach near Bridgetown in Barbados (photo credit :

Sites of Interest

There are many significant landmarks located on the island. The capital city of Bridgetown boasts sites such as Heroes Square, the Cheapside Gardens and the Lord Nelson Statue. St. Ann’s Garrison, which is also located in Bridgetown, is one of the island’s notable historical districts. The Holetown Monument, which pays recognition to the island’s early English settlers, can be found in the small village of Holetown.


Of course, a trip to Barbados would not be complete without visiting the island’s scenic beaches. Accra Beach is one of the island’s most popular waterfront locations and is the perfect place to bask in the tropical sunshine. The beach at Bath is one of the safest places to go for a swim. Crane Beach is arguable the island’s most beautiful waterfront location. The beaches at Brighton, Bathsheba and Church Point are other notable locations worth visiting.

Hotels & Accommodation

Barbados is also known for its luxury hotels. Beach View in Paynes Bay offers breathtaking views of the ocean. The Fairmont Royal Pavilion in Porters is famous for its world-class service and is the perfect place for luxury travellers. The prestigious resorts of Sandy Lane, Sandy Bay Beach Club and Sea Foam Haciendas can be found in Bridgetown. You can


Hungry tourists visiting Barbados for the first time can find plenty of suitable restaurants. Lobster Alive in Bridgetown is famous for its mouthwatering seafood selections and is also a great place to go to hear live jazz being played. Classic Italian cuisine and scrumptious pizza can be savoured at Bridgetown’s Mama Mia Italian Deli and Pizzeria. Bubba’s Sports Bar and Restaurant located in the town of Christ Church is the place to go for casual dining and terrific cocktails. The Tides in Holetown offers elegant dining and spectacular seaside views.

Best Time to Visit

The frequently pleasant climate conditions make just about any time during the year an ideal time to visit Barbados. Most of the rainfall in Barbados occurs between the months of June and November. The island’s long dry season generally stretches from December until the end of May, and many tourists prefer to visit the island during this time of year. Many people also find Barbados appealing due to the fact that the island is often spared from the wrath of hurricanes and tropical storms. You can find the latest on the weather in Barbados on Thomson’s website.

Anyone visiting Barbados for the first time is sure to fall in love with the island. A trip to this island can provide a magical and memorable experience.
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