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Bacolod Food Guide: 8 Must-Try Local Delicacies in Bacolod City

Where and What to eat in Bacolod?

Chicken Inasal by Eren A via Flickr CC

Bacolod Food Trip Guide

Bacolod City is the capital of the province of Negros Occidental located in Western Visayas. This highly urbanized city is dubbed as the City of Smiles and is known as the Sugar Capital of the Philippines, which will give visitors an idea of what Bacolod City’s local cuisine has to offer.

Food definitely plays a huge role in the thriving culture and economy of Bacolod City. For visitors, what better way to get to know the city than to try their local cuisine? Food has always been tied closely to a place’s history, culture and Bacolod is no exception. A food trip to Bacolod is one of the must-try activities in the city. With plenty of must-try local delicacies within easy reach, it’s one of those effortless activities and is a delight to partake in.

So to make things even easier, we’ve created this Bacolod Food Guide of the city’s top local delicacies that visitors absolutely must try. We’ve also included recommended local restaurants or food establishments that offer the best of these Bacolod delicacies.

1. Piaya (Piyaya)

Ube and muscovado piaya by Obsidian Soul via Wikipedia CC
Ube and muscovado piaya By Obsidian Soul – Own work, CC0, CC

Piaya or Piyaya is a local Bacolodnon pastry that’s the number one product in Pasalubong Centers. Piaya is a toasted flatbread made out of dough filled with muscovado or unrefined sugar and glucose syrup mixture then sprinkled with sesame seeds.

That’s the classic piaya. Many different flavors can be incorporated into Bacolod’s native flatbread. The popular ones are ube and mango. But no matter what flavor, piaya will always be sweet to the taste.

Where to buy Piaya?

Boilon Food Specialties at San Sebastian St. is always highly recommended for its thinner version of the piaya with just the right amount of filling.

2. Chicken Inasal

Chicken Inasal by Eren A via Flickr CC
Chicken Inasal by Eren A via Flickr CC

We can’t have an article about Bacolod delicacies without including chicken inasal. They say that visitors never step foot in Bacolod city if they haven’t tried the local chicken inasal.

There’s something extra special about the Bacolodnons version of this dish. Bacolod’s chicken inasal uses a special marinade to marinate and baste their chicken as it’s cooked over an open flame.

Where to try Chicken Inasal?

Aida’s stall in Manokan Country often tops the food establishments offering the best Chicken Inasal in Bacolod. Visitors can eat at Aida’s across SM City Bacolod along Magsaysay Avenue.

3. Guapple Pie

Guapple Pie photo via El Ideal Bakery
Guapple Pie photo via El Ideal Bakery

Guapple Pie is one of those desserts in Bacolod that personified its nickname of being the Sugar Capital of the Philippines. Guapple Pie is, you guessed it, a pie that’s made with guava and apple.

The pie’s name is simply a combination of these 2 fruits, with the delicious result being the crumbly pie with guava and apple filling with just the right amount of sweetness.

Where to try Guapple Pie?

El Ideal Bakery is highly recommended for serving the best guapple pie in the region. Although the bakery is located in Rizal St., Silay City, visitors can’t miss it as they travel between Bacolod City and the airport.

4. Half-moon Cakes

Half-moon Cakes photo via Pendy's Facebook Page
Half-moon Cakes photo via Pendy’s Facebook Page

Visitors will be delighted with trying Bacolod City’s half-moon cakes as dessert after a filling meal, but these delicious light pastries can also stand on their own as a snack. Half-moon cakes in Bacolod is a favorite among locals and visitors.

Known for its half-moon shape, half-moon cakes are sponge cakes topped with a creamy egg custard. Every bite brings sweet delight to the palate.

Where to try this Bacolod delicacy?

Many food establishments are quite famous for their Half-moon Cakes, but Pendy’s Snack Bar and Restaurant located on Lacson Street corner 25th Street always tops the list of having the best half-moon cakes in the city.

5. Barquillos and Biscocho

Barquillos photo via The Negros Trade Fair
Barquillos photo via The Negros Trade Fair

Barquillos and Biscocho are among the top pasalubong treats found in Bacolod City right along with Piaya. Both treats can be eaten as a dessert and as a snack while on the road. Barquillos is Spanish in origin, which Filipinos quickly adapted into its cuisine.

It’s best described as a tasty rolled wafer that just melts in your mouth. Biscocho, on the underhand, is entirely Filipino in its origin. It’s a twice-baked crunchy bread that’s usually coated with butter and sugar.

Where to buy Barquillos and Biscocho?

Sugarlandia found at Lizares Yulo Street offers the best Barquillos and Biscocho in the city.

6. Napoleones

Napoleones photo via Merzci Facebook Page
Napoleones photo via Merzci Facebook Page

Bacolod City’s pastry called the napoleones will be a visiting sweet tooth’s greatest discovery. This sweet pastry is sold by the box and is made up of thin layers of dough with a sweet spread of custard sandwiched between each dough layer.

As the cherry on top, the napoleones are coated with a glaze of sugar on top. Visitors can find chocolate-flavored versions of this sweet delicacy.

Where to buy Napoleones?

Roli’s Cafe in Roli’s Arcade, La Salle Avenue, is highly recommended for their exquisite napoleones.

7. Calea’s Cakes

Calea Cakes photo by @chaolonglover via Flickr CC
Calea Cakes photo by @chaolonglover via Flickr CC

One of Bacolod’s specialty products that cemented its position as the Sugar Capital of the Philippines is the province’s top-notch cakes.

In particular, Calea’s Cakes have a reputation for churning out the best cakes in the city, so it’s better to give the bakery its own place on the list. The bakery offers various world-class cake flavors, but its classic chocolate cake is a crowd favorite.

Calea’s Cakes can be found in two spots in Bacolod, one is in Balay Quince located at Lacson Street corner 15th Street, and the other is in Robinson’s Place Bacolod, located at Lacson Street.

8. KBL (Kadios, Baboy, and Langka)

Kadios, Baboy and Langka
Kadios, Baboy and Langka

If you want to try what the locals are eating in Bacolod, KBL, short for kadios, baboy, and langka, is a dish that shouldn’t be missed.

It’s usually served as a bowl of sour broth made out of pigeon peas, pork, and green jackfruit. Bacolod’s KBL also uses the native Batuan fruit that gives a distinct sour taste to the dish.

Where to try this Bacolod dish?

The best place to try KBL in Bacolod has always been Sandok Comfort Food. Visitors can find Sandok Comfort Food in Capitol Shopping Center located on Narra Avenue and O Residences located at Lacson Street.

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