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Aspiring Soldier and a Student-Teacher Make It to The Top Four of Juan For Fun 2018

Juan for Fun 2014 Top 4

Netizens have the power to choose who will be the final person to join the Top Four of Juan For Fun 2018

With more than 13,000 entries received nationwide, the final four finalists of the most exciting backpacking trip in the Philippines, the Juan For Fun, have been selected.

Marking its seventh year, Juan For Fun features a one-of-a-kind epic trip that gives young Filipinos the chance to see and experience what the country has to offer. For this year, Juan For Fun partnered with SMART, Fujifilm, and Jake Bros.

The top four finalists were chosen because of their desire to discover more about themselves, to share their own advocacies and wanderlusts to complete their travel bucket lists. These finalists can take along two companions for a week-long all-expense paid trip across the Philippines. These trips will challenge them to step out of their comfort zones and immerse with the different communities in the country to deepen their understanding of the local cultures, take part in doing something for nature, and to have fun.

Meet The Four Juan For Fun 2018 Travelers

Elmo Ador Jr., a fearless, unstoppable, and hopeful young man is currently applying to be a part of the Philippine Military Academy with the dream of becoming a soldier. “I want to change the world, but the change has to start with me first,” he shares. He is driven by his desire to promote peace and order and joins Juan For Fun to see the beauty and majesty of the country that he will be fighting for in the future.

Another young dream is Frances Kemble Banico who wants to experience the feeling of flying while watching the clouds in the sky. She is currently studying in Sultan Kudarat and has never been out of her hometown. Banico hopes to see spectacular sights such as the exciting attractions of Singapore, cherry blossoms in Japan, and the Disneyland in Hong Kong. “No matter what happens, I will always try hard to finish my education and reach my dream destination. I will because I believe,” she enthusiastically shares.

Being an exemplary student and committed community servant, Ronil Ferolino Jr. never gets tired of extending his helping hand to everyone in need. Ferolino also worked as a local tour guide in his province, Zamboanga, assisting tourists in exploring the caves and different tourist spots. However, despite the nature of his job, he has never been to other destinations outside his province. “Through Juan for Fun, I believe Ferolino will learn and grow a lot and would be able to share his experiences to wherever his feet bring him,” says his friend.

Juan for Fun 2018 Top 4
Juan for Fun 2018 Top 4

The last person to complete the final four is student-teacher Jonathan Cuanso who hopes to have an amazing once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel for free while unwinding and embracing the different wonders of the Philippines. Cuanso joins the Juan For Fun with a heart that is set on gaining new experiences as well as the first-hand knowledge that he can share with his students. “If I would be the lucky one to be selected, it would be a great chance to tell my students how beautiful our country is,” he shares.

The Last Finalist: The Netizen’s Choice

While there are already four finalists are now ready to take flight for Juan For Fun 2018, there is still one spot open. The last but definitely not the least to complete the finalists will be chosen by the netizens. Social media users have the power to choose from the five shortlisted candidates.

Adriel Delgado
Adriel Delgado
Dave Sumagaysay
Dave Sumagaysay

The five young hopefuls who will have a shot to travel around the country are: fisherman’s diligent son Arthur Yana, rare disease survivor Adriel Delgado, first-time traveler Dave Mark Sumagaysay, student and theatre actress Marie Alexies Ambayec, and environmentalist and tourism advocate Michael Jayson Saturos.

Shantelle Ambayec
Shantelle Ambayec
Michael Saturnos - Juan for Fun 2018
Michael Saturnos – Juan for Fun 2018
Arthur Yana from Bohol - Juan for Fun 2018
Arthur Yana from Bohol – Juan for Fun 2018

Netizens can continue voting for the final finalist of their choice until May 8, 2018. To vote, simply go to Cebu Pacific’s Facebook page, search for the album containing the hopeful’s photos, and comment #GoJFFName (for example: #GoJFFMelo) on the social cards of your preferred story. The nominee with the highest number of comments will be guaranteed with the final spot.

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