5 Must Have Gadgets for Any Road Trip

Hitting the highway on a road trip is a great way to enjoy the sights of the country on the way to your destination. Without a few helpful items, passengers could end up feeling like prisoners trapped in their vehicle. Here are a couple gadgets that will prevent this and will also help enhance long road trips:

GPS units from Blue Sky Fun
GPS units from Blue Sky Fun

GPS Unit 

A GPS unit is probably the most important thing to bring along for a road trip. Not only does GPS keep you on track and prevent you from getting lost, GPS systems will also let drivers and passengers know where to find local sites and attractions that were not on the itinerary. Cell phone GPS applications are not always the ideal solution because when driving through areas with poor data coverage, GPS information will often be incomplete. A standalone GPS such as the GPS units from Blue Sky Fun offer a more reliable option.

Satellite Radio 

Many people enjoy their favorite CDs or mp3 play-lists, but during a long road trip, riders might want to listen to something different. Satellite radio offers hundreds of different music, news, and sports channels for drivers and passengers to enjoy anywhere in the country. Satellite radio units are offered as a built in option for professionally installed stereos, or as a separate, stand alone unit that anyone can install.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot 

People can stay connected to the Internet with their laptops and tablets by bringing along a mobile WiFi hot-spot. Once plugged in to a cars cigarette lighter, mobile hot spots offer a WiFi connection to wireless devices by using 3G and 4G cellular service. Passengers can stream on-line videos or upload photos to their social network accounts. These hot-spots are available for purchase form most major cell carriers, and require a monthly access fee.

FM Modulator 

For people that want to listen to their mp3 players or smart phones through the car’s stereo, but the stereo lacks an auxiliary jack, an FM modulator is essential. The modulator is hooked up to the headphone jack of the device, and then converts the sound signal to an FM radio signal. That signal can then be tuned in on a cars AM/FM radio and played over the car’s sound system.

Power Inverter 

A long road trip will eat through the batteries of portable devices. Car chargers take care of some of this, but not every device has a compatible car charger. A car power inverter eliminates the problem all together by adding a household outlet to a vehicle. The inverter connects to a cigarette adapter, and converts the DC power generated by the cars battery to household AC power that any device with a two-prong power cable can use.

A road trip can be greatly enhanced by select gadgets. These gadgets all can help with a road trip, but don’t allow them to distract from the main purposes of such a trip: to enjoy the open road.

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