Alubijod Beach in Guimaras Island

As an island rich in biodiversity, Guimaras Island boasts a coastline enriched with a vibrant habitat for a vast and thriving marine life.

Ave Maria Islet sits a few meters away from Alubijod Beach
Ave Maria Islet sits a few meters away from Alubijod Beach

This Western Visayan Island covers diverse coves, characterized by flourishing sea grass beds, mangroves and corals respectively sprawled on varied textures of sand, likewise made distinct by its endemic species, be it hermit crabs, shrimps, groupers, seaweeds, sea cucumbers and more.

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From these dynamic coasts, a “swimmable” beach has emerged in the southern municipality of Nueva Valencia, making Alubijod Beach the island’s go-to beach.

A kiddie playground inside Alobijod Cove
A kiddie playground inside Alobijod Cove

With an original make-up of lush corals scattered all over cream-colored sand, this 200-meter cove has been transformed into a comfortable ground for swimming, due to the FLAgT (Forest Land Use Agreement for Tourism Purposes), which moved the removal of corals within a few meters from the shore.

Places to stay in Alubijod Beach

Among three resorts lined along this tiny beach, namely Raymen Beach Resort, Rico Beach and Alobijod Cove, most recommended is Alobijod Cove.

Luna offers a warm welcome at Alobijod Cove
Luna offers a warm welcome at Alobijod Cove

Having the widest coverage on the beach, Alobijod Cove promises comfort and privacy that is idyllic in a beach getaway.

Alobijod Cove Resort in Guimaras
Alobijod Cove Resort in Guimaras photo courtesy of FB Page

Its rooms are set around the property, each with a private balcony, allowing nurturing space and air for its inhabitants; while dining is made possible in the many beach view picnic huts and open-air pavilions with the resort’s own Filipino and Western Cuisines.

Treasure Islets in Guimaras

As the main tourist beach of Guimaras, Alubijod Beach is also the gateway to the island’s treasured islets.

SEAFDEC or the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center is an island dedicated to the welfare of fishes, including aquaculture. There are fish pens and cages to protect the sanctuary and a floating cottage, which serves as the docking area, as well as the Floating Laboratory where various amphibians can be seen, like giant grouper, pompano, seabass and red snapper.

Alobijod Cove Beach Resort Huts
Alobijod Cove Beach Resort Huts

Ave Maria, the nearest islet from Alubijod is owed to its virgin scenery, grotto-inspired rock formation, intimate pockets of pristine white sand and crystal clear sea, where heavenly beach basking, swimming, and snorkeling are much prompted.

Pawikan (Turtle) Island, like its name, is home of sea turtles. This semi-virgin island, where a local community serves as its caretakers, was known to be a former sanctuary for sea turtles, such as the green sea turtles and Olive Ridley turtles before being transferred to the Lawi Marine Turtle Rescue Center for the preservation of endangered species.

Alobijod Cove Beach Resort
Alobijod Cove Beach Resort

Baras Island houses Baras Cave, a pristine habitat for fruit bats, which has a unique rock formation, affording tourists with a refreshing, as well as amazing spot to dwell in under the heat. The island also houses a lone resort that’s made for solitude, Baras Beach Resort.

Nagtago (hidden) Island, a beautiful private island held by a touching love story.

La Puerta Al Paraiso
La Puerta Al Paraiso

Tiniguiban Island, an island privately preserved for its intrinsic beauty, joined by a quaint mangrove lake and its pulang pasayan (red shrimps) and the coral-covered shore upon the stirring sea.

Personally, I find sea-dipping in Alubijod very nice, but venturing into the adjacent islets not only provides a wealth of understanding for Guimaras, but also a profound experience for everyone.

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