Aliwan Fiesta 2013 Schedule of Activities

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The people of Metro Manila and other provinces are now excited about the Aliwan Fiesta 2013. April is the time of the year where everyone gather with their cameras and enjoy the visual delight in Manila. The hot, breezy and sometimes rainy climate, the artists and the picturesque avenues of Manila are set to welcome the 11th edition of the grand festival of festivals. The annual event is hosted by the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) and the Cultural Center of Philippines (CCP). The city is all set to sizzle this year adding new flavors to the cultural fiesta.

Aliwan Fiesta 2013 Schedule
Aliwan Fiesta 2013 Schedule

About The Aliwan Festival 2013

Aliwan Fiesta also named the “Festival of Champions” brings together different cultural festivals of the country. The festival gathers talented artists from 17 provinces to take part in the competitions. The festival is lighted up with street dances, float parade and a beauty pageant called Reyna ng Aliwan 2013.

The fiesta began in 2003, with the aim of showcasing different Filipino cultures and heritage not just to the people in Metro Manila but to the world as a whole. The festivals combine the unique taste of festivals, flavors, religion and customs and showcase the best of color and craftsmanship.

Philippines, a group of 7107 islands has got various cultures and different island festivals to enjoy. Every city is pooled with events every year but Aliwan Fiesta remains the mother of all festivals.

The festival is lined up with four major events every year, the Pasakalye, the inter-school competition; Reyna ng Aliwan, the beauty pageant competition; street dancing competition and float competition. The festivals from Luzon Visayas and Mindanao converge at Manila every year for a colorful afternoon of street dance competition. The best of the Philippine festival takes away a Million Peso while the winner of float competition goes with half million peso prize money.

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2013 Aliwan Fiesta Schedule of Activities

April 11, 2013 – PasaKalye: Inter School Dance Competition
APRIL 12, 2013 – Reyna ng Aliwan Pageant Night
APRIL 13, 2013 – Streetdance and Float Parade Competition, Reyna ng Aliwan Coronation, and Awarding Ceremony for the Aliwan 2013 Festival Winners.

Aliwan Fiesta 2012:

Aliwan Fiesta 2012 was a huge success. The Dinagyang Festival of Iloilo held their heads high after winning the championship trophy for the third time in a row. Their Philippine-eagle inspired music and cautiously crafted choreography presented magnificent treat to the eyes of the people. The fiesta was held in April in a really hot weather but nothing stopped the artists from giving their best performances.

Aliwan Fiesta 2013:

The 11th edition of the annual fest will be held this April right beside the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Every year, the police force ensures tight security on the day of the event highlight. Street dancing is all about fun in the Philippines and the street dance competition gathers country’s talented dancers, especially beautiful maidens, to present the best festive traditions in various parts of the country. The festivals are going to promote the vibrant tiles of Philippines.

The contingents, taking part in the festivities, aim to promote their regions presenting their colorful and upbeat ethnic dances. Aliwan, the Tagalog word for “entertainment or amusement” keeps its promise and gifts an extravagant mood to the onlookers.

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