Aliwagwag Falls Travel Guide
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Aliwagwag Falls Travel Guide: Amaze Yourself With This Wonderful Waterfall Destination

Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel, Davao Oriental

Aliwagwag Falls is located in  Barangay Aliwagwag inside the Aliwagwag Protected Landscape in Davao Oriental Philippines. Aliwagwag falls is a cluster of 84 falls with heights varying from 2 to 33.5 meters or 7 to 110 ft. In total, Aliwagwag Falls has a height of 340 meters or 1,120 ft.

The falls is not the only work of nature you can see inside but you will also be amazed when you see the other wonders of nature; a virgin forest and a river at the foot of the falls having 13 rapids which adventure seekers can cross.

Aliwagwag falls is about 30-40 minutes away from Cateel and it is situated inside Aliwagwag Falls Eco Park. It was also considered as the tallest waterfalls in the country and one of the most favorite places to visit both by local and international tourists in Davao Oriental.

When You Should Go

The best time to add this amazing wonder in your vacation wish list is anytime of the year. To avoid untoward incidents and to enjoy the place to the max, it would be better if you don’t go there during the typhoon season.

How To Get There

If you want to go to Aliwagwag falls, book a flight from Manila to Davao. When in Davao City, you can ride a bus and head to Cateel town which will take about 5 hours and another 20 minutes to reach Aliwagwag from the Cateel town center

In case you are on a private service, you can drive through Compostela Valley Road or Matti Road which will take you straight to the location.

What You Need To Wear and What You Should Bring

Change of clothes, swim wears and quick drying outfits are the most basic items you need to bring. Add sun block lotion, a revitalizing water mist if you have one, easy to dry but lightweight towel, some snacks and some water. 

What To Expect

All the rock formations and marvelous waterfalls are what makes the place a must see. It has fertile surroundings with century old trees and numerous plants all throughout. The sound of the falls is also therapeutic in a way especially when you are just escaping the city for a few days so enjoy every moment. If you are trying to get away from a stressful life in the city, you will surely be more than satisfied and that is guaranteed in this place. It will take you about half a day to enjoy the place but you need to check into a hotel since the bus trips are mostly scheduled only once, daily.

You can also be sure you’ll be going home with tons of photos to document your trip and you will have plenty of memories to go back to.

What To Do

Swim, swim and even more swimming! Just be reminded that there are designated swimming areas for adults and for kids and you must abide by the instructions for your safety. There is also a park trail with differing slopes at the left side of the falls and a 680-meter long, 55-meter high zip line for thrill seekers. A monkey bridge is also available for those who want more adventure.

Aliwagwag Falls Travel Guide

Aliwagwag Falls Travel Guide Photo credit: SIPAT: View from the Edge via / CC BY-NC

These are the best things to do in a place like it but you should also try sampling Sawugnun, a fish that the locals cook as paksiw (stew in vinegar) and their lobsters that are huge and locally called “banagan”. Their lobsters contribute to their source of income and it is served fresh because Cateel is in front of the Pacific Ocean; their local specialty is the sweet and chilli banagan which you simply must try before heading home.

You can also have a picnic and take advantage of the place whether you are with your family or friends. And this is also a chance for you to relax or do meditative exercises to cleanse your soul. This can also be a must visit place if you want to have some “me” time. You will definitely feel refreshed and recharged when you go back to your usual routine. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your dream vacation in this wonderful destination now and be satisfied.

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