Addicted to Korean BBQ? Try Cheese Mookata Philippines’ Unique Buffet Experience

Cheese Mookata Philippines photo from official FB

Cheese Mookata Philippines Review

If you will combine melted cheese and Korean barbecue, what will you get? Addictive and mouthwatering goodness.

That is what Cheese Mookata Philippines has to offer.

Cheese Mookata Philippines Review
Grill all you want. [Photo Credit: Kaye Chang]

Haven for Cheese and Buffet Lovers

Gooey, melted cheese is often associated with pizza, pasta, and chips. With the vast popularity of Korean barbecue places in the country, it is nice to see a unique concept in the Metro.

If you love cheese and buffet, this restaurant is a must-try.

Located in Banawe, Quezon City, Cheese Mookata Philippines brought the expensive Mookata buffet of Singapore to the Philippines in just a fraction of a price.

Cheese Mookata Philippines features mookata, a Thai-style barbecue steamboat that is filled with gooey, melted cheese. Mookata means pork or skillet in Thai. You can grill meat or seafood while the flavor from what you are grilling flows down the clear soup base. Once your meat or seafood is cooked, you can dip them into the melted cheese dip.

Cheese Mookata Philippines
Seafood or meat? [Photo Credit: Kaye Chang]
Different variety of meat. [Photo Credit: Kaye Chang]
Seafood and tofu balls for the soup. [Photo Credit: Kaye Chang]
Prawns, fish or crabs: Your choice. [Photo Credit: Kaye Chang]

Unique Experience

Other than the cheese dip, what makes Cheese Mookata Philippines unique is their selection of sauces. They have 2 kinds of dipping sauces available: a green sauce (combination of several spices) where you can dip seafood and an orange one (sweet and spicy) which is good for dipping meat.

There are a lot of food options available. Other than the several variants of marinated chicken and pork, Cheese Mookata Philippines has a vast selection of seafood.

Different sauces to choose from. [Photo Credit: Kaye Chang]
Dip your grilled meat in gooey cheese. [Photo Credit: Kaye Chang]
You can also grill unlimited seafood of your choice. [Photo Credit: Kaye Chang]
They always have promotions for lunch and dinner. If you want to learn more about them, you may check their Facebook Page or visit them at 739 Banawe, Quezon City.

Cheese Mookata Philippines photo from official FB
Cheese Mookata Philippines photo from official FB

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