5 Mactan Restaurants To Visit After A Delayed Flight

Never leave without trying Cebu Lechon

Five Must-try Mactan Restaurants

Did you expect to arrive at Mactan International Airport before lunch and boarded off the plane at about two in the afternoon instead? And now you’re starving. Well, there’s actually food stalls in the airport. But if you can still wait a couple more minutes before shoving your first spoonful, here are five interesting dining destinations in Mactan worth visiting:

Marcelo Fernan Bridge in Lapu-Lapu
Marcelo Fernan Bridge in Lapu-Lapu


Never leave without trying Cebu Lechon
Never leave without trying Cebu Lechon
Rico's Lechon at Mactan Promenade
Rico’s Lechon at Mactan Promenade
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From humble beginnings to opening a new commissary in Talamban to accommodate the heavy demand especially during the holiday season, this Cebuano favorite has been exceeding expectations here and there even flying the roasted pig on airplanes delivering it straight to the table of former president Joseph Estrada. Bring the whole family at their vibrant branch in Mactan and celebrate occasions like how we Filipinos do it, fiesta with a lechon as centerpiece!


Cowrie Cove at Shangri-La
Cowrie Cove at Shangri-La

Want to have lunch with a blindfold on? Look no further. Don’t worry since they will be serving the rack of lamb later to avoid the staff performing a Heimlich manoeuvre on you. What’s great about this experience is the guessing part from appetizer to dessert, considering you’re skilled at identifying flavors and ingredients in a dish, of which I am not. I guess my eating philosophy is pretty 50-50 (yum or nah) which makes me quite an unreliable food critic. Oh well, better try this alcohol-infused cacao drink as well or whatever it is they call this dark chocolate concoction.


Bucket Shrimps at Cebu Yacht Club
Bucket Shrimps at Cebu Yacht Club

Ever wanted to own a yacht? My heart says yes but my bank account says no. However, if you decide to dine at Bucket Shrimps, you can pretend to own one while watching the parked boats on the docks and still get that same satisfying feeling of being a millionaire. And on top of that, how could you say no to fresh sea breeze while eating with seafood with your bare hands?


Ibiza Beach Club at Movenpick
Ibiza Beach Club at Movenpick Resort Cebu

A spherical glass restaurant facing the sea with a bohemian vibe like that of its Spanish party capital counterpart, this restaurant is famed for its upbeat and colourful production numbers which would surely be a great way to spend a weekend with friends clenching a bottle of champagne. Add to that, a scoop of their gelato would be more than enough to put a smile on your tired face.


Alfresco at Mactan Newtown - Mactan Restaurants
Alfresco at Mactan Newtown – Mactan Restaurants

Describing it roughly, it looks like an open air gazebo-inspired food court at the heart of Mactan Newtown, a development of Megaworld Lifestyle Malls which feature residential and commercial units and a soon-to-be operational beach resort. In here you can order budget-friendly Filipino and International dishes through restaurants such as Meximama, Oyster Bay and Orange Karenderia to name a few. The main highlight of this place is its open pit lechon roasting area which would surely wow your foreign guests.

Mactan Island is surrounded by resorts
Mactan Island is surrounded by resorts

Alright. Which one did you pick? So, how was it? Were you satisfied with the array of dishes they prepared for you? How was your dining experience? Tell us in the comments section below.

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