October 21, 2011 is the End of the World… 20 more days left!

What would you do if you have 20 more days left to see the World? Would you travel the world and comeback on the 21st to see your family?

According to Harold Camping (statement here), October 21, 2011 will be the end of the world… Who knows.. It might be true! I’m blogging here at The Mabuhay Lounge here in Cebu while waiting for our PAL flight with uncertainty… (they said the plane is still in Manila due to bad weather or maybe due to PALEA strike).

end of the world countdown
Party Hard!!! End of the World is NEAR!!!

The great earthquake and rapture and the universe melting in fervent heat will be happening on the last day – October 21 2011… It’s all going to happen on the last day…The great earthquake didn’t happen on May 21 because no-one will be able to survive it for more than a few days or let alone five months to suffer God’s wrath because everything will be levelled and destroyed after that earthquake and there will be no food or water to keep everyone alive. – Harold Camping

AXE initiates a countdown and is inviting everyone to join them so we can all witness what will happen on October 21!


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