5 Best Buffet Restaurants in Baguio City

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Le Chef Buffet Restaurant

5 Go-to Baguio Buffet Restaurants 

Baguio City, Philippines — Baguio City is one of the most visited cities in the Philippines. It is also famous as a gastronomic haven for food lovers. On the lookout for scrumptious and jam-packed helpings, buffets in Baguio will surely make you swerve in delight and will satisfy your holiday food binge.

5. Hotel Elizabeth – Flora Café

1 J. Felipe, cor. Gibraltar Road, Mines View, Baguio City

Floral Cafe at Hotel Elizabeth Baguio City photo by Daniel Go via Flickr Creative Commons
Floral Cafe at Hotel Elizabeth Baguio City photo by Daniel Go via Flickr Creative Commons

A boutique hotel is known for its Mediterranean interiors matching the luscious pine trees around, Hotel Elizabeth also exhibits its wide array of buffet servings like Chinese, Mongolian, Western, and Asian Fusion Dinner Buffet (which is available every Saturday at P595) that are available in its in-house Flora Café.

4. City Light Hotel

Address: Fr. Carlu Street, Baguio City

City Light Hotel in Baguio City
City Light Hotel in Baguio City

Just a few steps from Baguio Cathedral, you would reach City Light Hotel, a three-star hotel with minimalist Zen interiors that highlights its geometric architectural design. It is known to offer hearty, budget-friendly buffets (P200-400 price range) and is also pretty much very accessible because it’s just a little way from Session Road. Breakfast buffets start at 6:30 in the morning.

3. Country Club – Cotterman

Address: Country Club Road, Baguio City

Baguio Country Club Buffet Restaurant
Baguio Country Club Buffet Restaurant

One of the dining areas in Country Club, Cotterman – named after Charles M. Cotterman (Director of Post for the medieval Philippine Postal System), caters to a wide variety of International Buffet Servings. As the main dining hall of Country Club, it offers Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Buffets in a widespread continental cuisine. Baguio Country Club is an ultimate getaway from the city center’s busy atmosphere with its warm and relaxing country-style ambiance and resplendent environment. Price ranges from P450 – 600 depending upon the variety of the spread.

2. O’ Mai Khan

Location: Upper Session Road, Baguio City (near Engineer’s Hill)

O’Mai Khan Baguio photo courtesy of Eva Cammayo via FB
O’Mai Khan Baguio photo courtesy of Eva Cammayo via FB

O’ Mai Khan, which translates to “come over” in Ilocano, is one of the all-time favorite restaurants to visit in Baguio. It is the most famous Mongolian Resto in the City where tourists and locals flock to dine. It offers a Mongolian barbeque buffet (150 – 210) where you choose your own servings of meat, vegetable, and other ingredients to do your own concoction of a Mongolian meal. It also offers Mongolian hot pot or steamboat (P160 – 420), perfect for Baguio’s cold weather, and its own version of Bulgabi (Ania Khan’s/O’ Mai Khan’s Bulgabi) for P240.

1. Breakfast Buffet in Le Chef

Address: The Manor Hotel, Camp John Hay, Baguio City

Le Chef Buffet Restaurant
Le Chef Buffet Restaurant

Known as one of Baguio’s premier upper-class hotels, The Manor is distinguished by its impressive log cabin set-up and warm cozy interiors that harmonize with its peaceful sprawling gardens. Home to it is the famous Le Chef Restaurant that features one of the best breakfast buffet spreads, a wide array of sumptuous selections of Filipino and International dishes. The homely ambiance and the delectable helpings Le Chef offers will surely gratify your Holiday vibe. A Christmas Village is also set on the grounds for a more Yuletide feel. The breakfast buffet starts at 6 am and is priced at P550 net/person.

Do you have other favorite buffet restaurants in Baguio that you want to include on this list? Please let us know by posting a comment below.

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