3 Travel Destinations to Avoid in 2018

Neighborhood in Caracas Venezuela

Travel Destinations to Avoid in 2018

The world is a relatively safe place, yet even in 2018, there are some areas that you should avoid. Whether it’s due to war, corruption, or a dangerous political landscape, these spots are just too dangerous to visit right now. Hopes are high that these situations will change soon, but for now here are three travel destinations to avoid in 2018.

North Korea - 3 Travel Destinations to Avoid in 2018
North Korea – 3 Travel Destinations to Avoid in 2018

1. North Korea

Long known as the most reclusive nation on earth, North Korea has fascinated travelers looking for a peek into another world for years. It’s no easy task to visit this country; tourists here generally need to go through an established company based in China and are limited to guided tours during their visit with onerous restrictions on what they can do.

North Korea has been known as a dangerous place to visit for decades. However, it’s not violent crime or disease that’s likely to affect tourists. The government here is hugely suspicious of any visitors, and even the slightest violation of the rules set in place here can lead to substantial jail sentences at less-than-ideal prisons.

Changbai Mountains in North Korea and China Border
Changbai Mountains in North Korea and China Border

The recent and heartbreaking case involving American student Otto Warmbier has made travel here even more discouraged. It seems all of the North Korean tour agencies are now banning Americans from their services, yet there are still ways to visit this nation. Until the political climate of North Korea changes, it will remain one of the travel destinations to avoid in 2018.

Apamea Roman Ruins in Syria
Apamea Roman Ruins in Syria

2. Syria

Since March 2011, Syria’s brutal civil war has claimed nearly 500,000 lives. As of January 2018, this fight is continuing, and Syria remains one of the most dangerous travel destinations on the planet.

The fighting between the Syrian government and opposition forces is indeed enough to warrant a spot on this list. However, the risk increases with the substantial likelihood of kidnapping by militias that actively target foreigners who, if captured, face a slim chance of survival.

Only a decade ago, Syria was somewhat of an adventure tourism destination filled with a rich history and vibrant city lives. Perhaps in the not-so-distant future, this nation can return to that point and find peace. But for now, it’s an area that is just too perilous to visit.

3. Venezuela

A common theme among the countries in this list is economic strife, and Venezuela certainly fits that bill. Since 2012, Venezuela has seen a crisis most commonly attributed to the presidency of Nicolas Maduro. A massive drop in oil prices here forced the country into its worst economic position in history, causing a horrible effect on the population.

Neighborhood in Caracas Venezuela
Neighborhood in Caracas Venezuela

A 2016 report by the New Yorker claims that Venezuela held the highest violent crime rate in the world in 2015, with 27,875 murders, yet only 2% of these crimes resulted in prosecution. The situation here hasn’t improved drastically since that time, and Venezuela remains one of the top travel destinations to avoid in 2018.

If the Venezuelan crisis gets resolved, tourists here will be delighted to find perhaps the most beautiful landscape of any country in South America. Until that time, it’s advisable to stay away.

Unfortunately, the countries on this list each face massive issues that make them too dangerous to visit. In the future this is likely to change, however until that happens, take a look at some of the beautiful places around the world that are safe, fun, and will offer you an unforgettable travel experience. Also Read UK Travel Advisory about Venezuela.

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