“Where to Next?” 2022 Planner Review: Returning to Our Roots

Unboxing the Where to Next Planner 2022

Where to Next 2022 Planner

Where to Next? A Sneak Peek to their 2022 Planner!

2022 is fast approaching which means that the search for the next perfect planner to use for the new year is on. For those of you who still prefer trusty paper planners than digital ones, we got you– let us give you a sneak peek to Where to Next? Planner this 2022!

Where to Next 2022 Planner
Where to Next 2022 Planner

Where to Next? Returning to Our Roots

Where to Next? (WTN) started in 2014 by two friends who just wanted to tell stories passionately through art and outdoor adventure. Ever since then, they’ve created meaningful planners filled with compelling stories.

2022 Where to Next Planner Review
2022 Where to Next Planner Review

For 2022, the theme for the WTN planner is Returning to Our Roots. As stated in one of their pages, “When we learn more about where we came from, we gain a deeper appreciation for who we are now.” One good thing about this planner is that it doesn’t just serve as your ordinary paper planner for writing. It imparts stories that make you realize that our identities are shaped by the communities we belong to. Something to think about!

Planner Specs

The planner is your regular-sized notebook with a brown leatherette cover and is Smyth-sewn, making it easier to write in. It has a ribbon marker for your convenience.

Where to Next Travel Planner 2022
Where to Next Travel Planner 2022
  • Dimensions: 15×21 cm, with brown leatherette cover and an embossed Philippine map design
  • 192 pages, 80gsm FSC®, certified paper in cream
  • Smythe-sewn binding
  • Page Ribbon
  • With back pocket

What’s Inside the Planner

Here, we give you a sneak peek of what to see inside the Where to Next planner!

11 stories of people returning to their roots

Returning to Our Roots
Returning to Our Roots

Between filling out your planner, you get to read and see beautiful literary pieces and photographs about people who returned to their roots. It’s like this planner is a book and journal rolled into one.

One interactive page to define your own origin story

On one of the last few pages of the WTN planner, there’s a page dedicated to your own origin story. It lets you write your thoughts as you answer self-guide questions to unearth your roots.

2022 and 2023 calendar

Dateless monthly spreads and weekly pages

We love dateless planners as we have to acknowledge that we have slow days. What we like about their weekly pages is that they have recommended books to read, music to listen to, and things to do.

What's inside Where to Next 2022 Travel Planner
What’s inside Where to Next 2022 Travel Planner

Peaks and Valleys – a monthly check-in with yourself

This part is where you can write your highs and lows for the month.

Checklist of provinces in the Philippines

Itching to travel soon? You’ve got your own dedicated page for your travel bucket list in PH on this planner.

Budget planner

Now, you don’t need a separate budget planner, as you can quickly jot down your expenses and savings here, too.

The reverse bucket list

There’s also another dedicated page to write down your thoughts about self-love, social connections, and more.

Life map

The Life Road Map page lets you jot down your memories from early childhood to adulthood, giving you a space to rediscover your roots.

Mood tracker

Are you feeling anxious? Hopeful? Exhausted? Content? The mood tracker is a suitable space for you to check on your feelings and moods.

World Map

This page allows you to color the destinations you’ve been to!

Price & Payment Options

Dateless monthly spreads and weekly pages
Dateless monthly spreads and weekly pages

The WTN Planner – Returning to Our Roots is priced at Php 850 without sticker and Php 1,000 with a sticker pack. Local shipping is priced at Php 150. Payment options accepted are:

  • Bank transfers
  • GCash
  • credit card payments via PayPal
  • Palawan Express
  • Cash on Delivery (for Metro Manila residents only)


The best thing about the planner is that a portion of the proceeds will fund livelihood projects of Aeta communities in Yangil and Botolan, Zambales, with a focus on reforestation and education.

Get your own WTN planner on their website at! Use the hashtag #WTNplanner to read stories of other WTN planner users–add yours too!


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