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10 Great Reasons To Date A Girl Who Loves To Travel

Reasons To Date A Girl Who Loves To Travel

Searching for the perfect girl in your life? Then, date a charming and adventurous girl who finds joy in discovering cultures, visiting exotic places and meeting locals. Whether you’re a backpacking superstar or a casual traveler, dating a girl who has an undying sense of wanderlust can be quite an intrinsically romantic and blissfully sweet ride that you will cherish until your last breath.

Girl Who Loves To Travel
Girl Who Loves To Travel

From experiencing a heap of breath-snatching outdoor trips to having deep conversations, there are truly a lot of perks of having her around in your life. In fact, she can even leave a lasting positive imprint in your life even if your relationship won’t work out.

I’ve never been an expert, when it comes to love and relationships, but trust me, dating her can be one of the best things that will ever happen to you. With her positive outlook, unique charisma and exciting persona, she is indeed an extraordinary mademoiselle who can enthrall you in a variety of ways.

Adventure Traveler
Adventure Traveler

She’s not materialistic

You don’t have to buy her fancy things like a piece of gleaming jewelry or the latest version of iPhone, just to impress or make her happy. She is an unpretentious person who cherishes simple surprises and treats.  While most millennial girls go nuts over the latest fashion trends and gadgets, she finds her bliss by just staring at historical landmarks, glorious sunsets and unique landscapes. Even a cheap present like the incense sticks that would remind her of the smells of Bali would put her into a state of total euphoria.

She is witty and intelligent

There’s never a dull moment, whenever she’s hanging around with you. Whether she’s urging you go on a skydiving adventure in Bantayan, Cebu or sharing stories of her epic adventures in Thailand, she will find a way to captivate and amuse you. Plus, she’s also got wits and an irresistible charm to make your chats more fun and engaging.

Dating a Girl Who Loves To Travel
Dating a Girl Who Loves To Travel

Girls who got the travel bug are, for the most part, curious, intelligent and inquisitive.  After all, traveling frequently will teach people a lot of invaluable life lessons. In addition, traveling is a great way to learn more about other cultures, geography, history and politics. With enthusiasm and passion, she can talk to you literally about anything for a number of hours.

She is flexible and adaptable

Failed reservations, lost luggage, cancelled flights and wrong turns – these obstacles are just the tip the iceberg that frequent travelers very often run into. But, guess what? These challenges can help any traveling gal transform herself into a flexible, adaptable and strong person. Unlike your high school’s drama queen, she is ready to face any bumps and blocks on the road both metaphorically and literally.

Top-notch financial management skills

Having difficulties in money management? Try to get some encouragement as well as helpful and honest words of advice from a female travel junkie. Though she isn’t as wealthy as Kris Aquino or Taylor Swift, she is pretty proficient in financial management. Years of adventure and traveling have given her practical lessons on how to spend to spend money wisely, and how to extend her travel budget as far as she can. Not to mention, she can find a ton of ways to earn some money while on the road.

Traveler in Cebu
Traveler in Cebu

She’s got an adventurous spirit

Are you a thrill-seeker? Looking for a partner who can quench your thirst for adrenaline-pumping trips? Like most travelers, a girl who loves to travel is a kind of person who is always up for an adventure, and rarely says “no” to fun and new experiences, making her an ideal candidate for dudes who are looking for an intrepid and gleeful partner.

Want to trek the mighty Mount Apo in Davao, Philippines? Planning on diving into the shark-infested waters of Malapascua in Cebu? She is, as far as I’m concerned, a venturous partner who’s willing to try every entry listed on your travel bucket list.

She has an open mind

You can be as eccentric and crazy as you want to be, with her as your girlfriend. What’s more, she will not judge you for all the weird and not-so usual stuff that you want to do. With years of traveling under her belt, she certainly has immersed into a lot of different cultures, meaning she has an open mind. Instead of viewing at other places and people as weird, she looks at them as something different.

Underwater Dating
Underwater Dating

She’s friendly

Ever met a backpacker or travel junkie who’s shy and unfriendly? With years of experience talking to foreigners and strangers, girls who travel frequently have developed an unshakable confidence and the ability to befriend any type of person, in any place and situation. She has outstanding social skills, and she won’t have a tough time making friends with anyone in your circle.

She will leave a positive imprint in your life

She is a kind of girl who’ll change your world for the better. A girl who travels frequently will transform you into a better and well-rounded person, as well as make your life more exciting. Furthermore, she is going to introduce you to a myriad of new theories and ideas that will make you a bit wiser.

Life is beautiful and exciting with her

When you feel like your life starts to move towards the mundane, she’s going to come up with an epic trip that will bring a sense of excitement into your life. She’s going to plan you a trip, and even have your travel budget and flights sorted out. Then, she will take you to places where you’ve never been to, and let you discover a ton of things that will spice up your life.

Female Traveler
Female Traveler

She is also a girl who easily recognizes every opportunity for adventure and fun. She is always willing experience something new and unusual with you, whether abroad or at home. Her sense of adventure is practically limitless, which means you’ll never get bored when you are with her.

She’ll take you outside your comfort zone

With her as your dating partner, you are going to be on a wild ride that will take you a few steps outside your comfort zone. Moreover, she’ll do her best to make trips extra adventurous and full of challenges. But, make no mistake about it – these challenges can enhance your life as well as let you discover our beautiful planet from different perspective. And best of all, stepping beyond your comfort zone will add a heavy dose of fun and excitement into your life.

So, is she the girl of your dreams?

Written by Aldrich Infantado

Aldrich Infantado is a fitness junkie, a savvy traveler and a writer extraordinaire who loves to share insightful tips and inspiring articles to his readers. Currently, he is working as the content manager and social media manager for Trekeffect. You can find him at https://www.facebook.com/chuckzster and https://twitter.com/chuckzster.

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