Win a free trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia with AirAsia and Vikings’ Dine and Fly promo!

Join AirAsia and Vikings’ Dine and Fly promo and Win a trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia!

 Here’s something everyone who loves to fly should know by now. Philippines AirAsia and Vikings have joined forces to give you a unique promo offering of free trips, not just for yourself, but for four (4) to Hong Kong and Malaysia inclusive of a 3D, 2N hotel accommodation!

Vikings Dine and Fly Promo
Vikings Dine and Fly Promo

Join the Dine and Fly promo brought to you by AirAsia and Vikings!

What you need to do

All you need to do is to dine with your friends and loved ones at any Vikings, Niu by Vikings and Four Seasons Hotpot City branch in the Philippines and get a raffle ticket when your transaction reaches a minimum of 5,000 Php! Each destination will have only one lucky, but whoever the winner is, will celebrate his/her trip with an awesome company of three, either family members or special friends, to Hong Kong or Malaysia with free hotel accommodation!

In a statement, Gerard Peñaflor, Commercial Head for Philippines AirAsia, said, “Filipinos love for family, friends, food and travel is remarkable and we’d like to highlight this unique culture by offering them a chance to fly with AirAsia for free this Holiday season.”

When the announcement of winners will be

Vikings, the chain of buffet restaurants offering high quality food and great service at affordable prices, will announce the lucky winners of the Dine and Fly promo on December 18, three months since it started in September.

Raquel Bartolome, Marketing Manager of Vikings, said, “We are thrilled to be partnering with AirAsia, a globally recognized brand that also shares our commitment to deliver value and best quality service to Filipino guests. There will be more exciting events and promos to come as we expand our business across various locations in the Philippines as well as in key Asian markets such as Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.”

What to look forward to

Free trips are the exciting part of winning any travel-related promo. But it’s not only that; the winners of the Dine and Fly promo will also get to taste Philippines AirAsia’s newest in-flight menu embracing the “Santan” concept, a revamp of its AirAsia Café.

Chap Chae
Chap Chae

The latest menu features bangus sisig, a Filipino dish made of chunks of boneless milkfish sautéed in onions seasoned with salt, pepper and spices. There are also buffalo chicken strips and barbeque cola beef — yummier versions of grilled meat on smoky sauce and paired with roasted potatoes or tomato rice. Those on a diet won’t have to worry as Philippines AirAsia has its vegetarian chickpea curry and the classic Maan’s pasta arabiata as alternative dishes. All of these will be on-offer, whether you’re on board or just about to book your Philippines AirAsia flight, starting on the 2nd week of December 2015.

And because we, Filipinos, are now fond of tasting different cuisines, Philippines AirAsia has also brought other ASEAN dishes from nasi lemak and chicken rice to our very own adobo and beef caldereta. You might just be curious as to what the “Santan” concept is all about. Santan, which is a vital ingredient in Malay cooking, is the liquid derived from pressing shredded coconut milk. It’s that thick, creamy liquid that’s often used as a substitute for butter, cream, or soup stock.

New Inflight Meals from AirAsia's restaurant in the sky
New Inflight Meals from AirAsia’s restaurant in the sky

Sweets such as lemon torte, sinful chocolate cake, banoffee cake, and chocolate chip cookies will also be made available either on-board (for as low as 80 Php) or while pre-booking (with discounts to be provided).

Speaking about discounts, all AirAsia guests can save up to 20% on food if they pre-book their meals rather than purchase their meals on board. Be assured though that your preferred meals are available during their flights will be made available. Now, if you didn’t include meals when you booked, you can still get them easily via the “Manage My Booking” option after you’ve logged in to

What are you waiting for? Take the Vikings experience and mark your calendars on the draw date!

Get updates on AirAsia’s latest promotions and activities via Twitter ( and Facebook ( If you’re hungry, visit the Vikings website ( for its cuisines, rates, locations, and other promos.

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