Why TripAdvisor Tagged Nacpan Beach As Among the Top Beach Destinations in the Globe?

Mystical orange sunset in Nacpan Beach

Nacpan Beach: Among the Top Beach Destinations in the Globe

Tourism is one of the best industries for a country to develop in order to progress by leaps and bounds. Many nations in the world today are vying to make their country as tourist’s final destination. You are probably aware of the magic power of beautiful beaches to entice tourists. The Philippines has more than 7,500 islands with thousands of mile-long sandy beaches.

Early Morning at Nacpan Beach
Early Morning at Nacpan Beach

Which are the top beach destinations in the world?

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, which are top beach destinations in the world?”

Just like Snow White’s magic mirror, TripAdvisor, a United States website company that disseminates and provides reviews on relevant travel-related content conducted the contest. Top choices for the 25 beach destinations came from among its members of around 60 million and from 170 million reviews from tourists and opinions gathered from hotel and restaurant clients, as well as attractions and other businesses related to travel. These are surely the most reliable sources to pick top beach destinations in the world.

For its 2016 Travelers’ Choice awards, 25 top beach destinations were nominated and final verdict was won by Grace Bay located on the north shores of Turks and Caicos Island as the number one world’s best beach. Among its added merit is its easy access to the United States – just a 90-minute flight from Florida’s Miami.

Fishing village at Nacpan Beach. El Nido
Fishing village at Nacpan Beach. El Nido, Philippines

Why Nacpan Beach is Number 10?

Among the most beautiful beaches around the globe, Nacpan Beach garnered the 10th place. This is a great sense of achievement as this not-so-well-known beach is now ranked side-by-side with the idyllic beaches in Brazil, Greece, Myanmar and Puerto Rico. There is nothing discriminatory in choosing Nacpan Beach as it is truly a tropical paradise.

The Delights Of Nacpan Beach

Imagine a long coastline of golden sand and verdant coconut trees swaying along with the waves following an entire virginal landscape. You can breathe the freshest air as you romp along its four-kilometer stretch of pristine beach and listen to the gentle waves lapping the shores while wetting your bare feet. The gorgeous beach with beautiful golden sand offers a perfect ocean conditions for swimming. The aquamarine color of the water is so pretty. It was formerly a hide-away beach until many tourists discovered its location. In fact, Nacpan Beach is ranked No.1 by TripAdvisor among 55 attractions in El Nido Palawan.

View of Nacpan and Calitang Beach from the Hill
View of Nacpan and Calitang Beach from the Hill

How To Get There

Take a direct one-hour flight from Manila to El Nido. From Lio airport, about 4 kilometers from midtown, you can take a 20-minute ride heading to El Nido town. There are vehicles to take you to your choice of accommodation. From your hotel, you have three options to reach Nacpan Beach:

  • Join an Inland tour (Tour E) and enjoy the beach with co-tourists;
  • On your own, take a motorbike, drive to the beach and have a solo get-away experience;
  • Hire a tricycle to take you to Sitio Calitang where the Nacpan and Calitang Twin beach is located.

By the way, Nacpan has a twin beach called Calitang that you can explore as additional site. In the future, Nacpan Beach will be fully developed and become one of the most popular destinations in the globe.

Mystical orange sunset in Nacpan Beach
Mystical orange sunset in Nacpan Beach

The mesmerizing sunset in Nacpan Beach is one experience you will never forget in your lifetime.


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