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Where to Eat in Bali: Lunch at Plengkung Restaurant

Restaurant Review: Plengkung Restaurant in Bali, Indonesia

I arrived in Bali at around 9 AM and headed straight to Grandma’s Hotel in Jalan Raya (hotel info). Since I had a heavy/bulky luggage, I decided to just stay at the lobby while waiting for my 12 noon-check in.

Plengkung Restaurant in Bali
Plengkung Restoran in Kuta Bali

After I secured my room key, I left my bags at the hotel. It was already past noon, and I was having a hard time deciding where to eat. I’m not the type of person who makes long lists on what to do; I’m more of the adventurer-type, so I usually explore the places I go to and discover various cuisine, rather than restraining myself from what I read on the internet. This time, however, since I was a bit hungry, I instead asked the hotel staff for a recommendation. He immediately recommended Plengkung Restaurant, which was located just across the hotel!

Plengkung Restaurant in Kuta Bali
Plengkung Restaurant in Kuta Bali

Plengkung is an abbreviation for Plecing Kangkung ( some spicy sauce sambal plecing-Balinese original food with Kangkong vegetable ).

I ordered Ayam Betutu and Udang Asem Manis.

The first thing I ordered, Ayam Betutu, is an authentic Balinese cuisine that is composed of steamed (or sometimes roasted) chicken, or duck, and, like most Indonesian dishes, is highly seasoned. You may control the degree of hotness by adding in the restaurant’s extra-spicy sauce made from a mixture of red chili peppers, coconut oil, and raw onion slices.

Ayam Betutu
Ayam Betutu

Betutu is popular, especially in Bali and Lombok. It’s traditional, but it can also be found in the menus of the grandest of hotels in Bali, and the locals aren’t the only ones enjoying this dish!

My first Lunch in Bali
My first Lunch in Bali

The average preparation time for Betutu dishes is 24 hours, and may be offered as a Balinese gift.

Udang Asem Manis – Sweet and Sour Prawn

Udang Asem Manis
Udang Asem Manis

The other dish I ordered, Udang Asem Manis, is a sweet-and-sour prawn that is marinated in nothing but Indonesian spice goodness. The large, marinated prawns were stir-fried and then served with the restaurant’s secret sauce. It’s as spicy as the other dish I ordered, so I needed to drink a lot of water!

Plengkung was quite small, but it was well-maintained and clean. The food they serve perfectly tickled my taste buds, and perfectly captured all that Indonesian goodness in those two dishes. They even have a live performance at night. I have to admit, their food was quite costly, but, Plengkung’s located on a busy street in the Kuta area, so the prices can be reasonable.

Plengkung Restaurant
Jalan Raya Kuta No. 90, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 757393
Hours: 9:30 am – 1:00 am

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