Welcome to the Philippines, Flight 001

Enjoy traveling? You probably also enjoy all those fun and funky products that are particular to the travel retail market. Luggage, clothing, and accessories for travel all share a common customer, and yet almost nowhere you shop sells all the things you need to make travel convenient, light, and as easy as possible.

Flight 001's first store in Manila
Flight 001’s first store in Manila

Except for Flight 001 (“flight one”) -> Flight001.com. Flight 001 is a premium, modern travel retail store that offers everything that the modern traveler needs. They even have some stuff that you didn’t know you needed, and trust me, once you know you’ll be grateful to have found the products they carry.

F1 Now Bored-ing Eye Mask
F1 Now Bored-ing Eye Mask

Founder John Sencion explained the idea behind Flight 001 in a recent press release: “None of these stores address the style-conscious, urban traveler; nor do they have a full product selection that addresses the entire style-conscious consumer’s travel needs under one roof.” He and his partner Brad John founded the company together after realizing that they each had a routine before taking off, and that that routine was cumbersome and involved a lot of stops at a lot of stores. “Brad liked to visit a pharmacy to get all his personal care products, while I like to go to the bookstore to get a map or a phrase book.” Rather than running from store to store, buying luggage here and little bottles of shampoo there, they realized they wanted to shop for everything “under one roof.”

Flight 001 Go Clean Products
Flight 001 Go Clean Products

They started the first Flight 001 in New York City, a travel destination and hub that is unique in the world. And the store took off. Travelers found out about their great taste and complete line of products and flocked to the store. That was over 10 years ago, and since then Flight 001 locations have been opened in 12 locations in the U.S. and in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia. They also operate online at flight001.com and flight001.com.au.

Flight 001's new Location
Flight 001’s new Location

Besides stocking the best travel brands and items available on the market, Flight 001 has also developed their own line of products that make travel more organized and compact than ever before. Their revolutionary SpacePak System was designed with the world traveler in mind.

How to Organize your Luggage
How to Organize your Luggage

Using a double-sided compression pack system, the SpacePak System allows you to keep your clean clothes separate from your dirty clothes, wet bathing suits, and your shoes, but without taking up any space in your suitcase.

My Luggage Tag
My Luggage Tag

They also have their DigiPak and SeatPak products, designed to make carrying tech accessories easy and organized and helping you to bring everything you need during the flight in a compartmentalized but lightweight multi-zip pouch, respectively.

Lucky for us here in the Philippines, Flight 001 has decided to expand once again and has opened at two locations, one at SM Lanang Premier and one on the Bonifacio High Street. Going to the stores themselves is an experience, as each is designed to look like the fuselage of a 747. Flight 001 was named after the first round the world trip that PanAm took passengers on. That was flight 1, and the look and feel of the Flight 001 stores brings back the sensation that you’re a jet setter of the 1950s or 1960s.

It’s nice to see some style and modern inspiration for the modern traveler being brought to the Philippines! Welcome guys, can’t wait for my next trip to your store – before my next trip.

  1. Adelle says

    so this is the store friends are telling me about. i’m so lucky i live near SM Lanang Premier. macheck nga agad…

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