Watch the FIBA World Cup on Your Mobile Phone Even while You Are Traveling

Calling this year’s FIBA World Cup the most exciting one ever wouldn’t be too much of a stretch – the moods are through the roof, and the mood is especially lively in the Philippines, which have been given their first chance in a long time to have a shot at the world championship.

Smart ViewStream App
Smart ViewStream Android App

And in today’s day and time, a true fan of the game should have no excuse for missing the major matches. Especially if you’re a subscriber of Smart, Sun or Talk’n’Text with an Android phone, in which case you can now download Viewstream for free on the Google Play Store and watch all FIBA games right on your device at prices that can’t be beat! You can learn more about the app at its Google Play page:

For just P15 per day, you will have the opportunity to watch every Gilas Pilipinas game commercial-free no matter where you are, as long as you have a phone or tablet running Android on you. And in the meantime, if you’re on a business trip and don’t have much to do while you’re not in a meeting and not watching a game, you will have complete access to all video channels in the app for free. This should also be a good opportunity to check the app’s streaming quality before deciding to purchase a subscription for one of the premium channels, and you’re not limited in time for it in any way!

Watch Gilas Pilipinas Games Live on your Android Mobile Phone
Watch Gilas Pilipinas Games Live on your Android Mobile Phone

And on that note, the content variety in all corners of the app is simply amazing. You can watch all your TV shows, free news broadcasts, various kinds of entertainment channels and more. And regarding the premium content, one of Viewstream’s more useful features it that it supports carrier billing, so even if you don’t have access to any online payment instruments, this will never be a problem for accessing the app’s premium content. Prepaid plans are fully supported, you don’t need to be on a contract to be able to use carrier billing, unlike some other apps on the market.

Worried that you might not get to watch your favorite games because you’ll be somewhere with limited access to good Wi-Fi hotspots? For a business traveler, this shouldn’t be much of a concern, but those traveling for leisure outside the country might be a bit concerned. Not to worry though! As long as you’re in the coverage of your carrier’s 3G network, this will be more than enough to give you the best streaming quality the app can offer. You won’t have to deal with annoying buffer times or distorted quality, and you’ll certainly never have to worry about the service going down right as you’re about to witness the score of the season. Remember, Viewstream is partnered with the leading carriers in the country, so you’ll be able to see Gilas Pilipinas in action no matter where you are.

Other than the standard features you’d expect from a video streaming app, keen FIBA fans will also be happy to hear that Viewstream offers some extra goodies aimed specifically at them. For example, you don’t have to leave the app and open your browser if you want to check the schedule for the upcoming matches. This is available right within the app itself, in all the detail you can ask for!

Here are the schedules of the tune-up and FIBA games, which you can also find on the ViewStream app. For more information, please visit

Tune-Up GamesTV5Aksyon TV
Gilas vs FranceAug. 16, 5 pmAug. 17, 10:30 pm
 Gilas vs AustraliaAug. 17, 4 pmAug. 18, 10:30 pm
Gilas vs UkraineAug. 18, 8 pmAug. 19, 10:30 pm
Gilas vs Basque National TeamAug. 20, 8 pmAug. 21, 10:30 pm
Gilas vs AngolaAug. 22, 8 pmAug. 23, 10:30 pm
Gilas vs MexicoAug. 24, 1 pmAug. 25, 10:30 pm
Gilas vs Dominican RepublicAug. 25, 8 pmAug. 26, 10:30 pm
Gilas vs EgyptAug. 26, 8 pmAug. 28, 10:30 pm


FIBA GamesLive

(without ads on the ViewStream channel, with ads on TV5)

TV5 ReplaysAksyon TV Replays
Gilas vs CroatiaAug. 30, 6:30 pmSept. 1, 1:30 pmAug. 31, 9 pm
Gilas vs GreeceSept. 1, 2 amSept. 2, 7 pmSept. 1, 9 pm
Gilas vs ArgentinaSept. 1, 11:30 pmSept. 3, 1:30 pmSept. 2, 9 pm
Gilas vs Puerto RicoSept. 3, 7:30 pmSept. 4, 1:30 pmSept. 5, 12 nn
Gilas vs SenegalSept. 4, 8 pmSept. 5, 11 pmSept. 6, 7 pm


So, what are you waiting for? If you’re still curious what the app can do for you, check out to get the full scoop, as well as to find out other ways in which you can support Gilas Pilipinas on their epic journey to the FIBA World Cup. This is a year you’ll never forget, so make sure you get to see every beautiful memory of the cup. It’ll make the memories afterwards so much sweeter!

Written by Melo Villareal

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