Visiting Israel Tourist Destinations by Car

Israel is a country which is hot and dry during the summer and has more than 300 days of sunshine, even though; it receives as much rain as London. Buses are one of the main mode of transportation in Israel. The country has a complex society, it is western oriented but it lies on the Middle East. There is a no-smoke policy at almost every place in Israel and the tourists should make sure that they follow these. Shekel is the currency of Israel but dollar is accepted widely.

Aerial view of Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area
Aerial view of Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area (photo by Wikipedia)

The cities of Israel can be explored by walking, taking cabs or by bus. Renting a car for the purpose of transport is the most convenient choice. It helps tourists to explore the heart of Israel. For better safety, buy a local sim card or tourists can rent at Ben Gurion Airport. A lot of internet cafes are also available in the cities. Israel cities are remarkably safe and the downtown areas of Israel are safe even at night.

The Avis car rental is one of the leading car rental companies in Israel and they also provide a variety of auto rental services. Car rental companies are found in twenty seven locations around Israel. They offer a widely reliable and a highly professional service to their customers. Avis Car rental was the first company to receive ISO-9001-2000 among the rent-a-car companies. They also provide service vehicles which are fully equipped to help people in going anywhere anytime.

There are many car rental companies in Israel which can easily be rented by contacting their customer service. One among them is the Hertz Israel which has about 90 years of experience. The company is originally owned by Mayer’s cars and trucks, which is the biggest vehicle group in Israel. Tourists must know about the rules for safe driving in Israel and also know about the emergency numbers, speed limit, and alcohol limits while driving. Be aware that an accident which is caused by DUI is not covered by any insurance company in Israel.

Avoid visiting the Muslim quarter from 12 noon to 2 P.M on Fridays since it will be closed to the tourists. For driving a rental car the tourists must have a foreign driver’s license and not an international driver’s license, and it is valid up to one year. The driving experience in Israel can be both challenging and exciting at the same time. Adding a rental GPS system to your rental car can help you in case you have problems locating a specific area.

While driving please make sure that you are not causing any damage to the car and any injuries to the pedestrians. Any damage or loss of the vehicle will be the responsibility of the renters. Please do remember that the gas costs about 6 dollars per gallon, and also see for coverage, under the personal auto insurance terms and conditions. Traveling by car is the most convenient way to explore Israel.


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