Tusker Trail: Exhilarating Elephant Ride In Thekkady, Kerala

Exhilarating Elephant Ride in Thekkady, Kerala

Located in the Idukki district of Central Kerala, Thekkady is considered an important plantation center and charming hill station. This is where you’ll find one of the finest wildlife reserves in India. A main attraction of the reserve is the artificial lake formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam, which is right across from Periyar River. People who visit the reserve have the wonderful and rare opportunity of viewing wildlife up close and personal from the safety of a boat ride. Nowhere else in India can you experience that.

Elephant Ride in Thekkady Kerala
Elephant Ride in Periyar Kerala

Throughout the entire district, tourists can see lush plantations of spices and hill towns where they can go on treks and mountain walks. Visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve for the unique chance of seeing the great Indian tiger as it frolics in its natural habitat.

Tusker Trail in Thekkady Kerala
Tusker Trails in Thekkady Kerala

My Thekkady Experience

India is one country in South Asia known for being rich in tourist attractions. Hence, during our #CometoKerala Tour sponsored by Kerala Tourism, we didn’t waste any time in exploring it. After a sumptuous breakfast at the Spice Village Hotel, we prepped ourselves up for a 4-hour ride to Munnar. However, since it was only 8:30 in the morning, we decided to take a detour to Thekkady’s famous Tusker Trail before treading down the long, narrow and winding road to Munnar.

Fantastic Shot of Karina of karinablog.com (photo by Kim Ekman)
Fantastic Shot of Karina of Karinablog.com (photo by Kim Ekman)

Tusker Trail in Thekkady, Kerala

Elephants rule in Tusker Trail, as the park’s name suggests. The entire park covers over 8 acres of space, and aside from the resident elephants, it doubles as a plantation of spices. Hence, the aroma of spices permeates the air, making the tour more pleasant.

Tusker Trail Entrance
Tusker Trail Entrance

This particular park is never missing from the list of top places to visit in India, and rightly so. Its main attractions are the friendly elephants that tourists can ride as they traverse through Kerala’s wandering lanes. Of course, the elephant rides are safe, as the park ensures a qualified guide accompanies the tourists. This is why Tusker Trail sets Kerala tours apart from others.

The Tusker Trail Elephant Ride

Actually, elephant rides are synonymous with Thekkady. It’s considered one of the most famous and fascinating activities there, and undoubtedly so, since it’s not every day that one gets a chance to be up close and personal with an elephant.

Guests can choose from two different programs. There’s a half-hour program where a guest can ride and feed the elephant and take pictures with it. The other one is a 2-hour program inclusive of an elephant ride, feeding session, and the rare opportunity of giving the elephant a bath. Just beware, though, because the elephant will return the favor and give you a shower, too. This longer program also looks back into history by showing how elephants were used to drag timber back in the days.

Tusker Trail in Kerala
Tusker Trail in Kerala

My Time in Tusker Trail

There was a sudden downpour when we arrived at the park, but the rain didn’t dampen our spirits. We still went on to try some of the activities offered there. Since we were pressed for time, we made do with a short program that included a short elephant ride and feeding session.

I’ve seen elephants before specifically in Kenyir Elephant Village in Terengganu Malaysia, but it was my first time to actually ride one. Therefore, you could just imagine how much we enjoyed the activities that wrapped up in about 40 minutes. This privilege of experiencing Thekkady is certainly one for the books.

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  2. shobha iyer says

    The Tusker Trail was our highlight of our visit to Kerala. An enjoyable and memorable experience.
    Usha our elephant was so gracefull and well cared for and knew the path to the spice trail. On this note we would like to thank the care takers of this establishment and all concerned for the enjoyable ride. Shobha K. Iyer – Kuwait

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