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Gcredit Guide: How to use Gcredit in Gcash?

Where to use GCredit?

Want to Use Gcredit in Gcash? Here’s How

GCash, the mobile wallet arm of Globe Telecom Inc., has provided the utmost convenience for Filipinos for a few years now. Personally, installing GCash made my shopping experience easier than ever! Even paying my monthly bills even before the pandemic is stress-free.

No need to visit the nearest bayad centers anymore – and I think non-GCash users should also learn more about the advantages of having this app on their smartphones. Today, we’ll discuss another GCash feature that will benefit lots of GCash users. Read the full article to know what this is all about.

What is GCredit
What is GCredit

What is GCredit?

Doesn’t have a current amount on your GCash to pay your bills that are due on a specific day? Then here’s where GCredit comes to the rescue. This GCash feature is like a flexible loan or credit card. You get a set limit of money you can avail whenever you want.

If you pay off your previous availments, you can use your maximum limit again. GCredit allows you to pay bills and buy from partner merchants using credit that starts at Php 1,000 but can grow to as high as Php 30,000.

Where to use GCredit?
Where to use GCredit?

Where to use GCredit?

Fortunately, GCredit is accepted by numerous billers like the following:

  • PLDT
  • Smart Communications
  • Globe
  • Meralco
  • Maynilad
  • Skycable
  • BDO Visa/MasterCard
  • SSS
  • and many more

How To Use GCredit?

Just like paying your usual bills via GCash, the only difference here is you need to click your GCredit icon to pay the bills and then choose the biller’s name (e.g., EastWest, Meralco, etc.).

Enter your payment details such as account name, amount, and email. Tap “Next” to continue.

However, here’s a more interesting feature of the GCredit. You can also shop at almost 60,000 stores and merchants. If you’re planning to do grocery shopping on select stores like Watsons, Jollibee, The SM Store, and more, click the “Credit” tab instead of balance and then tap “Pay QR.”

On the other hand, if you plan not to continue using your GCredit, there will be no fees or penalties whatsoever. You can also opt not to activate GCredit if you have no plans on using it. Another option would be calling GCash Support to terminate your GCredit, but make sure to have no outstanding balance for successful cancellation.

How to set up your GCredit?

GCredit is linked to GScore. The more Gcash transactions you have, the higher GScore you get.

To set up your GCredit, you have to verify your email address first and reach the minimum GScore required to open a GCredit account. If you’re qualified, you’ll be via email.

How do you unlock your GCredit?

There have been other GCash users for almost 4-5 years now and only have a 400+ GScore as we speak. The app requires a GScore of around 600 to unlock the 10000 credit limit to unlock the feature. You just have to keep on using the cash-in feature to increase your score.

How do I know if my GCredit is activated?

After submitting your application, GCash will then evaluate your submitted GCredit application. After evaluation, you will be receiving an email containing the status of your application.

How to borrow money from GCredit and how to compute your interest?

GCredit has this rule of the earlier you pay, the smaller fee you incur. If you have a GCredit of Php 5,000 and used your GCredit to buy a product in Watsons for Php 500 and paid the amount the day after, you can then avail again the Php 5,000 as long as you want.

As per the computation of the interest, it’s the amount borrowed X 5% interest rate X (# of Days Borrowed/30 Days)

What can you do with Gcredit?
What can you do with Gcredit?

How to pay Gcredit dues, and how it works?

For example, you have a Php 5000 GCredit. You used the amount to pay for groceries amounting to Php 2500 today. If you paid it off the next day, then your GCredit returns to Php 5000, and you can borrow the full amount again before your due date arrives.

How to increase GCredit Limit?

Frequently completing the following transactions will increase your GScore, hence increasing your credit limit, too:

  • Cash In
  • Pay Bills
  • Send Money
  • Buy Load
  • Other GCash transactions

GCredit Customer Service

For GCredit related questions or concerns, you can call 2882 or visit the GCash Help Center.

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