Travel Writers Can Now Publish iPhone Apps Easily

Good News for iPhone users who loves Singapore!!! Creating apps is no longer a domain for tech geeks only. GuideGecko, the world’s leading publishing portal for travel guides, today launches its iPhone, Kindle and Web publishing platforms. Writers only have to compose their guides once on, and may write on any destination. Then GuideGecko will create the apps and eBooks and make them available on iTunes, Amazon Kindle and other bookstores. Publishing is free, and writers choose the selling price.

GuideGecko launches publishing platform for iPhone, Kindle and the Web
GuideGecko launches publishing platform for iPhone, Kindle and the Web

Writers may also choose to publish on the web and receive a share of the advertising revenue. GuideGecko shares all sales and advertising revenues on a 50-50% basis.

The apps and eBooks are suited for both walks and tours with a limited number of entries as well as for in-depth guides with hundreds of listings. They thus cater to professional writers and travel bloggers alike. Even travelers who have invested time in planning their itinerary can share their knowledge with a useful app.

“You can now easily publish and sell your own travel app”, says Daniel Quadt, Founder of GuideGecko. “Our apps are stylish, easy to use, and full of features so far only found in premium apps. One of them would be the fully interactive, location-enabled maps that work completely offline and do not incur roaming charges for the end-user.”

A sample app for Singapore is available at For more on the program and to apply for creating your own app, please visit

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