Travel Guide: Planning the Perfect Trip

As someone who is frequently wandering, my friends always ask me on how to effectively plan a trip. Planning a trip, may it be short or long, can be an overwhelming chore.

Whats on your Bag
Whats on your Bag

Every so often, half the bliss of a trip is on the anticipation and preparation that goes into it ahead of time. And over, when you are well prepared, you always have a smoother and more gratifying experience. It’s true, too much planning can also make the trip less adventurous but as we always say, “It’s better prepared than sorry”.

Plan your trip ahead
Plan your trip ahead

I remember when I started planning my first solo trip, I honestly had no idea what I was doing. “Where do I begin? What’s the first step? What to bring? What not to bring? Where to stay? Is the price too much?” Those were just some of the questions I had in mind during my itinerary preparation.

But now that I have planned numerous trips for myself and even for some of my friends, I want to share some tips that I have simply developed over the years of roaming around in our beautiful flora and fauna.

Research about your destination
Research about your destination

First off, I like lists. I do not want to get to my next destination and then freak out because I forgot something. That is why, you need to have an efficient little checklist that guarantees you do not miss anything significant on your trip.

In your list, consider these seven basic travel questions:

  1. “Where do you want to go?”
  2. “How much is your budget?”
  3. “What to wear?”
  4. “When is the best time to travel around that place?”
  5. “Where do you want to stay?”
  6. “How long do you intend to stay?”
  7. “What should you bring?”
  8. “How do I roam around the place?”

Back then, blogs and apps like there are today were nonexistent. I merely figured things out as I went, just on tenterhooks that I did not miss any miraculous deal.

Download Mobile Travel Apps
Download Mobile Travel Apps

But with the recent establishment of travel blogs and mobile apps, it has been a lot easier to plan any vacation you intend to do. Imagine, all you have to do is to use your smartphone, go online and check multiple airline fares, hotel rates and travel recommendations. Voilà, done in a matter of minutes.

Learn how to find a place to stay for P1000 below or even free virtually in every destination and check out guides to see if these inexpensive substitutes are something you will dig or want to skip… and all these will only cost you P50.

Search and Book your hotel and flights using Mobile Apps
Search and Book your hotel and flights using Mobile Apps like SkyScanner and

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Delayed Flights
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You see, traveling does not have to mean spending a fortune, you just need to be clued-up in every practical thing this modern world has to offer.

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