Travel Gadget: Momax iPower Go Mini 7800mAh Power Bank

Momax iPower Go Mini 7800mAh Power Bank Review

Modern smartphones connect us with our lives more than any device ever has, but with the increased connectivity and more useful features comes increased power consumption. If you use up all the power your device has, but can’t get it on the charger right away – you can’t even use it! Depending on the situation, the effects of this can range from mild frustration, to serious danger (if you’re far from civilization and suddenly need to make an emergency call, for example).

Momax 7800 mAh Power Bank
Momax 7800 mAh Power Bank

Even if there’s a nearby charger, your device has to stay plugged into the wall. In a public place, this means either you babysit your device while it charges or risk it being stolen. Many will try to extend the battery life by trying to avoid watching videos, listening to music, and other power-hungry activities, but why would you even buy such a nice phone if you can’t use its best features? The whole point of investing in a smartphone in the first place is that it gives you access to so many great media capabilities.

Momax iPower Go Mini 7800mAh
Momax iPower Go Mini 7800mAh

The Momax iPower Go is the perfect solution for the gadget fan on-the-go. This portable USB Power Bank makes it easy to charge all your USB devices, including tablets and mobile phones, from one central point. The 2.4A Fast Charge output lets you charge your devices much faster than simply plugging them into a laptop, with zero downtime, and unlike replacement batteries, the iPower Go works with any device that supports USB or microUSB input – which is nearly any phone, tablet, or media player on the market today including iPhones, iPods, and nearly all Android devices.

Momax Mini Power Bank
Momax Mini Power Bank

The power bank itself is smaller than most cell phones and completely portable – allowing you to keep your crucial electronics powered up and ready-to-go, even aboard airplanes, trains, or buses. The tiny size and light weight mean this convenient charging device fits easily into pockets or women’s purses. Even with the small size, the Momax iPower Go is able to hold up to 7800 mAh of power – enough to charge an iPhone 5s or Galaxy S5 to full more than four times over. This power bank is even available in a variety stylish of colors, including white, black, yellow, and green. Pick the one that matches your phone, or go for your favorite color – the choice is yours.


  • Product ID: IP35
  • Capacity: 7800mAh
  • Input: 5.0V == 1A
  • Output: 5.0V == 2.4A (FAST CHARGING)
  • Color Options: Yellow, Green, Pink, Black, White, Orange
  • Compatibility: Most of the digital devices like Apple iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone and tablets, Bluetooth headset and etc. With the 2.4A USB output, iPower Go Mini provides speedy recharge for most iPad, tablets and smartphones.

Momax iPower Go Power Bank

Make your next trip just a little easier with the power of… well, power in your pocket. Watch videos, play games, listen to music, and chat online with complete freedom, without stressing over the battery indicator in the corner. Never worry that you’re going to be left without power or the ability to communicate with your loved ones. Everyone who travels knows that there is nothing more frustrating than being stuck without a charge. A portable power bank like the Momax iPower Go Mini is an easy and economical way to end that frustration forever.

Momax iPower Go Mini 7800mAh Power Bank is available in the Philippines at all Beyond The Box, Digital Walker,  and Astrovision boutiques nationwide. For more info, like Digits Trading on Facebook and follow them on Instagram (@digitstradingph)

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