OPPO Proclaimed Winner of ‘One to Watch’ Award at TechRadar Mobile Choice Consumer Award

OPPO awarded as the One to Watch

OPPO awarded as the ‘One to Watch’ at Prestigious Awards in London

Manila Philippines – OPPO is one of the world’s top innovators of Smartphones today. The company has already won the One to Watch Award by TechRadar Mobile Choice Consumer Awards. OPPO once again received the ‘One to Watch’ award during this year’s TechRadar awarding ceremony. OPPO is gaining wide popularity not only for the appearances of its Smartphones but most importantly, its capabilities to bring its consumers the best user feature.

OPPO’s commitment to give users firsthand experience with cutting-edge technology and unique design has peaked the curiosity and admiration of the award-giving body for technology. There are many Smartphone brands today but there is no doubt that OPPO is one of the frontrunners in this department. They keep getting better each year and continues to strive and keep their promise everytime they come out with their new cell phone models.

Consumers were the Ones who Recognized and put OPPO at the Top Spot

OPPO One to Watch
OPPO One to Watch

The award ceremony happened in London where consumers chose between several mobile innovators. OPPO has only penetrated Europe for only three months but the company is quickly gaining popularity that it’s now considered as one of the leading brands.

Consumers are at awe with how OPPO surprises everyone each time they launch a new Smartphone. They are particularly speechless with the 3D cameras of the brand.

OPPO awarded as the One to Watch
OPPO awarded as the One to Watch

Mobile Choice Consumer Awards

For 18 years, their Mobile Choice Consumer Awards recognizes the best brands in the mobile industry. This includes handsets, services, brand, and retailers.

TechRadar is a technology website from the UK visited by many people around the world. People who want second opinion on something about this area usually go to their website read about it and learn something.

This is a special year because the two teamed up to make the awards ceremony even more exciting. The ‘One to Watch’ award received by OPPO is the start for the Chinese brand to penetrate other markets around the world and to show their how excellent their Smartphones are.

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