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Buffet Breakfast and Meet & Greet with Disney Characters at Enchanted Garden Restaurant

You guys know that one of my favorite reasons for traveling is the chance to eat great food and enjoy new restaurants. Recently, when I was at Hong Kong Disneyland, I got to take things to a whole new level when I enjoyed the buffet breakfast at the Enchanted Garden Restaurant.

best hong kong restaurant
Enchanted Garden Restaurant

You might be asking, ‘What’s so special about a buffet breakfast?” Well, it was a very good breakfast, but what made it special was the ‘people’ who were there. It was a meet and greet breakfast with some of the most famous Disney characters of all time there to press the flesh and share toast and orange juice with me.


Disneyland is great but there are some wonderful aspects of the place that can’t be described and one of them is the chance to meet the characters you’ve seen in such Disney classics as Goofy, Mickey, Daisy and Pluto . I know they are just regular people in costumes, but the actors do such an amazing job that I willingly suspended my disbelief and yes, I had breakfast with Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Shaped Pancakes
Mickey Shaped Pancakes

Mickey and Pluto came to the table and while I might have been annoyed at first, I soon was just enjoying taking photos with this lovely couple just like a kid again haha:)

best buffet breakfast hong kong
My first plate

They introduced me to their friend Goofy (who frankly was a bit annoying but seemed very nice) and their dog Pluto who seemed to have a rather good head on his shoulders. I saw Daisy Duck but was too busy with other guests, she was quite fetching, actually. For a duck that is.

My favorite dessert
My favorite dessert

The waffles were pretty good but I was very happy to have dimsum and noodles which were also on the buffet. By the way, I did feel a bit embarrassed to be eating a Mickey shaped waffle when Mickey came up to me….I wasn’t real sure what to say, so I moved on to the dim sum.

Mickey with Me and Paula
Mickey with Me and Paula

The breakfast buffet is not that affordable though but it was well worth it. They have incredibly good spread. I got the chance to meet characters without the queues like the once at Disneyland Park and I was able to have photos with them while enjoying breakfast.

After breakfast I strolled through the lovely Victorian Garden and got lost in the big maze that was there. All of this is outside the park and has a nice sea view. Maybe I should have tried to get Daisy’s phone number…. LOL

Written by Melo Villareal

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