Moritzburg Castle in Germany

Top Three Most-Scenic Countries to Work as a Travel Nurse

Top 3 Most-Scenic Countries to Work as a Travel Nurse

While many people choose a career path that they can follow right at home in their native country, others are looking to their career as a way to open the doors to a life of travel. Working abroad is nothing new, and it’s an attractive option for many. One of the most popular careers that people use in order to work somewhere else, is nursing.

Most-Scenic Countries to Work as a Travel Nurse
Most-Scenic Countries to Work as a Travel Nurse

Travel nurses work all over the world in hospitals, clinics, and even research institutions. Many even go on to get their nurse practitioner doctorate degree to provide them with additional career opportunities. Enrolling in the DNP executive leadership programs online through Regis College means you can go on to such careers as a nurse administrator, nurse educator, or nurse researcher, all of which can be done abroad.

So now that you’ve selected the path of nursing, what are the most scenic countries that you could work in? Here’s a look at the top three.


Moritzburg Castle in Germany
Moritzburg Castle in Germany

Not only is Germany a beautiful country to live and work in, the country is also in search of qualified nurses. Rough estimates predict that by the year 2030 there will be 500,000 nursing positions. By choosing Germany, you’ll be able to explore all the country has to offer including its culture, attractions, sights, and food, plus you are located nearby to other major European cities and countries. Germany is actually one of the most popular countries for immigrants to move to, which means it has a diverse population.


Bastei Saxon Switzerland
Bastei Saxon Switzerland

If you’re after a high-quality standard of living in a country that is known to be peaceful, welcoming, and filled with adventure opportunities, then Switzerland could act as a natural solution. This country is consistently rated high for its job satisfaction approval rating (nurses specifically), the working conditions for nurses, the work schedule, and the opportunities for employment. Again, this is a country that is centrally located so you can easily travel to other destinations.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Waterfall
Costa Rica Waterfall

If it’s natural beauty you’re after, it’s hard to beat what Costa Rica has to offer. This is, in fact, one of the most stable countries that you will find in Central America, so it’s also a safe place to work. Explore the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, lush landscape, and a fabulous eco-tourism sector. What is especially interesting is that life expectancy in Costa Rica is higher than in the United States. With that said, nurses are still in demand.

A Couple of Tips to Remember

Before you pack up your bags and head to a new country there are a few tips to keep in mind. First is that you want to make sure that you have the necessary certifications for that country. There is a good chance you may need a nursing license. Another tip is to speak with your accountant before you go to see how you will go about filing taxes and how living abroad will affect you.

Travel Nurse
Travel Nurse

And the last tip is to ensure you have the necessary amount of experience to be employed in another country. You may want to secure a job before you leave, just to be sure you’ve got something set-up.

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