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Top 10 Ideal Christmas Gifts For Travelers

Ideal Christmas Gifts For Travelers

Everyone has that friend who has itchy feet—the one who loves to go to new places, avail of flight promos or take photo after photo in some exciting destination. It’s hard to think about what to get our wanderlust-ridden friends—after all, they’ve been everywhere and have access to so many novel items and places, so what can we possibly get for them when it’s the season to give? What many people forget is that there are so many ways that traveling can become more convenient or cozier, and that’s where your gift-giving spirit should come in if you’re thinking about what to get for them. Here’s our top 10 ideal christmas gifts for our plane-hopping, jetsetting friends!

1. Waterproof cases/pouches for gadgets

Dicapac Waterproof Case
Dicapac Waterproof Case – Unique Christmas Gifts

This is especially useful for traveler buddies who like to hang around the beach or the pool—nothing ruins a trip quite like the possibility of ruining one’s smartphone or tablet while on the go. This is also useful with sudden weather changes which will bring on rain or snow. No more worrying about getting it damp, killing the battery and being incommunicado for the rest of the trip with a good case or pouch!

2. A sturdy weekender bag

Herschel weekend backpack
Herschel weekend backpack – a stylish gift idea for travelers

For our friends who are frequent travelers, a good carry-all with plenty of pockets, durable design and space to hold everything they might need is a godsend. Find one in a strong material like thick nylon or canvas. For the fashionista traveler, there are also amazing leather and faux leather weekenders which will definitely go with any stylish outfit.

3. Travel-sized toiletries

Travel-sized toiletries
Travel-sized toiletries – perfect christmas gift for travelers

Pick neutral scents like lemon, verbena or lavender if you’re not sure about their scent preferences. Traveling has a way of affecting one’s skin and hair, so some moisturizing lotion, sunscreen or shampoo would definitely be a treat. Include lip balm as well—strong velocities can really make your lips chap!

4. A cozy travel blanket or poncho

Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket
Cocoon CoolMax Travel Blanket for a Christmas Gift? Why not?

A poncho good for sleeping in or a blanket that’s easy to pack is great when the plane gets cold, and is also a good idea for backpackers. Make sure it’s a little thicker so it can provide some warmth and last longer.

5. A Swiss Knife or Card

Victorinox Switzerland Swiss army knife
Victorinox Switzerland Swiss army knife – Top 10 Christmas Gifts

Because you never know what you need—this is especially useful for buddies who like to travel in the great outdoors. Even in emergencies, you know your friend will be safe with one of these useful multitools!

6. Power banks

Powerbank by Momax
Christmas Gift For Travelers? How about a Powerbank by Momax

Now that most people are carrying some kind of gadget with them, giving them a powerbank for their use ensures that they will never run out of juice even in areas where access to electricity has been cut off.

7. Inflatable travel pillows

Wenger Inflatable Travel Pillow
Wenger Inflatable Travel Pillow

Great for those who like to go on road trips, they’re easy to deflate and make very portable for camping as well. It’s a huge source of comfort when you’re sleeping under the stars, and a lot better than a makeshift pillow out of rolled-up clothes.

8. Slipper socks

Slipper Socks by Stitch Mountain
Slipper Socks by Stitch Mountain – Gift Ideas for Christmas

These will make someone’s plane ride or hotel stay extra comfy if they want to let their feet loose but don’t want to offend travel companions or seatmates on the plane. They’ll also keep your friend’s feet warm if needed no matter what footwear they choose—definitely a plus if your friend is sensitive to temperature changes.

9. A funky passport holder

Colorful Passport Holder from
Colorful Passport Holder from / Cheap Christmas Gifts

The number one no-no is losing any travel documents. Something slim, portable, durable and colorful (so they can’t miss it!) would be helpful to your traveler friends, so they can keep track of anything they’ll be needing during their trip. This may look simple but its one of the best gift for travelers this holiday season.

10. A luggage scale

Wenger Luggage Scale
Wenger Luggage Scale – one of the best gift for travelers

For those who like to take their packing to the limit, there’s nothing like a luggage scale to make sure that they avoid unnecessary extra charges when they’re checking in their baggage. It may seem a bit dry as a gift, but trust us—they’ll thank you for it!

Do you have any other perfect christmas gift for travelers? Share your ideal christmas gifts for travelers by posting comments below:

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