Three Top Places to Camp in France

There is so much to love about France when it comes to taking a holiday to the country. There is the allure of coastal towns looking out across either the Atlantic or the Mediterranean, as well as miles upon miles of breath-taking countryside.

Limestone cliffs of Normandy near Étretat
Limestone cliffs of Normandy near Étretat (courtesy of Wikipedia)

With so many magnificent sights to choose from, it can be rather difficult to pick just one place to pitch your tent. Fortunately, we have found three places where everyone opting for a camping holiday in France should take time to visit.

Volca’Lodges, in Auvergne

Your camping holiday will heat up the moment you reach the state-of-the-art Volca’Lodges wooden cabins, quite literally.

This is because this fantastic campsite is nestled within the Auvergne region – a part of central France which plays host to an estimated 80 volcanic peaks.

Although there are plenty of sightseeing opportunities, you will be missing out somewhat if you do not try to scale the highest volcano out of the huge bunch, the Puy de Dome. It is just a short walk away from the Volca’Lodges site and affords you with amazing views across so much of France once you reach its summit.

Soulac-sur-Mer, along the Bay of Biscay

Soulac-sur-Mer’s tourist office writes on its official website: “Whether you choose the blue of the open water, the golden hue of the sand, the green of the forest or the night-time lights, at Soulac-sur-Mer you mix your colours in total freedom.”

With the final word ‘freedom’ ringing in your ears, can there be a better place to base your camping holiday across France?

If you need a little more convincing before packing your bags and booking up, then take into consideration that the site where the Gironde Estuary meets the Atlantic Ocean, via France’s Silver Coast – or Cote d’Argent in the native tongue – is only a short drive away.

Up for a spot of exercise? No problem, as there are 88 miles of cycle routes that snake around Soulac-sur-Mer. These tracks will take you from the Medoc coast right through to Les Landes, with glorious lakes, secluded beach scenes and the town of Soulac, complete with its exquisite restaurants and extravagant boutiques.

Parc National des Cevennes, along the Gorges de la Jonte

A choice more suited to the eco-camper, La Cascade in the Parc National des Cevennes is a top option for people who would rather escape the hustle and bustle of a packed campsite.

Sitting at the foot of the magnificent Causse Mejean, this site along the Gorges de la Jonte in south-east France allows you to lie back and relax while looking out across lush green fields and open-sky views.

Of course, the Parc National des Cevennes and the Gorges de la Jonte each gives you perfect opportunities to get the adrenaline going too. You can kayak or fish along one of the many rivers in the area throughout the morning, before going for a spot of hiking or traversing a canyon in the afternoon.

Pack all the essentials

To help embrace your outdoor experience it’s important that you pack all the essential camping gear to ensure you are prepared for every type of weather.

Of course, a high-quality tent that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it should be at the top of you to-buy list, as is a sleeping bag.

Springfield Camping can kit you out with all the camping essentials as well as a huge range of comfy outdoor clothing. You’ll find items ranging from thermal pants to thick fleeces and snug soft shells from reputable brands like The North Face and Jack Wolfskin  – and with these clothes on you should not be affected by a dip in temperatures one bit.

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